Friday, September 28, 2012

Pic Talk: Laugh with me!

You know what they say about a picture speaking a thousand words? Well, feed your eyes and interprete the words these pictures speak...

Am still laughing anyway from that one below.... Yes, the one where guy wants to kill himself to peep under the woman's cloth and that kiss eh! Na waya o!  Lol

In my sleep...

As sum peopu dey nid alarm clock to take wake up fo morning… me I no need am o!  The family wey dey live upstairs fo ma compound na my alarm clock!

I like to sleep… a lot and I don’t joke with my sleep o. Most nights I go to bed, I seem to somehow dream more than five different dreams. For some of them, I go be one big lady eh… I even dream one time say I dey yarn with Obama and im wife for the White house. Wetin we dey talk, I no know… 

As the yarn prolong, na aim rain start to fall… na so we three take off make rain for no beat us o! The next place the race carry us go come be my backyard for village.

For inside the same dream o, I come dey ask Obama how we take  reach here we fly? … na im I con dey hear woman voice dey shout  ‘ Chibuike!!!!! Chibuike!!!!! You are mad there’.. Haba!

What crazy thing have you done for love?

Bruno Mars sang it like he meant it. How many people will indeed catch a grenade for the one they love? Poets write it like its easy; how readily will one die if the person they love leave them?

Michael Bolton crooned it like his life was about to end saying ' How am I supposed to live without you'; wasn't he alive before that person came into the picture? 

Many times I watch movies and see a lot of people doing really brave and dare I say crazy things for the one they love.

You know, stuff like dying for a lover; starving for a lover; putting a lover before oneself, painting buildings with 'Will you marry me' inscriptions and more… and it got me thinking of how far one can go for love.

In Nigeria, that extremity is rare. We seem the kind that does not believe in love being blind. In fact, our own love wears medicated eyeglasses with walking stick. 

Throwback Thursday: Hairdos our granny’s rocked

Hey guys, I hope your week is going as expected or even better?

Last week Thursday, we looked at an old movie in the ‘Throwback Thursday’ article. This week, let me throw you back several decades to the hairstyle that our grandmothers/fathers rocked.

They were creative in their looks I must say but in today’s world, the hair-do will probably belong in the movies.

To think that many years from now, our great-great-grand children will be describing the likes of Mo-hawk, centre parting and a lot more as old school….

 Continue to see more...

Flooding in Kogi to last till November

An end is not in sight for the flooding in Kogi as the governor of the state has said it will remain that way for another two months. He advised those living close to river banks to evacuate their abodes...

This is such a hard and trying period for Kogi residents especially the affected ones.  May God be their strength o!

The story below:

Gov Idris Wada of Kogi on Thursday asked the people of the state to prepare for more floods as the situation might not abate till the end of November.

The governor said more water would be released from some dams and that as the water increased everyday and rapidly, increase in flood should be expected till the end of November.

Wada spoke at the 2012 World Tourism Day celebration in Lokoja and stressed that the flooding was a natural disaster that could not be curtailed.

Cartoon of the day: A peep into the head of our Minister

Have a laugh people for it is Friday! Another weekend is here and boy, does one need to chill out and just relax.

I want to share another wonderful cartoon from my friend E.B Asukwo and hope you enjoy it!

Also feel free to leave a comment on your thoughts...

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Genevieve without make-up and weaves: Cute or not?

It’s not every day we see our female celebs without make-up or weave for that matter. Once celeb that you rarely see that way save for when she is playing the part in a movie is the ever radiant Genevieve Nnaji.

She’s gorgeous no doubt but without make-up and weave, she looks great to me!

How many celebs can really show their faces without make-up and get praises? We should see more of this from our celebs so that we really know what they truly look like behind all of those make-up and weave and get-up! It will even be fun to see a pic of one just after they wake up in the morning!

The sultry actress without make-up

She is well made-up here complete with weaves

Rocking weird-looking shoes

There are shoes and there are shoes…

At least Lady Gaga has proven that much by the many strange looking shoes she comes out with.

Many shoe lovers have explored the world of foot wears, rocking them and moving on to new ones as the day goes by but there are some kind of shoes that will even make some shoe lovers scream ‘Nah-ah… ain’t wearing that’.

It’s interesting to know that people’s creativity go haywire by the day in the creation of master-piece, absurd looking shoes and what is even more interesting is that many people patronize them; otherwise they wouldn’t be making more.

Fearless ladies not afraid of toppling and landing face-down or looking strange will definitely have no qualms rocking some of these shoes below.

You love dogs? Maybe this one designed to look like dog paws by Kobi Levi and called Kobi Levi’s doggie high heels will catch your eye.

Women! We dey wear shoes o; one day na the one wey be like human being we go dey wear!

View more of the shoes after the cut...

Mummy’s Wednesday: Are you a mum?

Mothers are a blessing to lots of people (Majority I believe). The pains most mothers have gone through for their children are unimaginable.

So this day (Wednesday’s) every week will be dedicated to mothers. They are a lot worth celebrating, I believe you will agree. Let us celebrate them, talk about what it feels like to be a mum; our joys, challenges, up-sides (For those who are mothers) and for those who aren’t but hope to be anytime in future, learn the ropes.. lol and see say e no easy o!

I adored my mum and still do for everything she has done for me and my siblings but I truly got to understand what it felt like when I became a mum.

You know, the thought of having someone occupy your mind all the time is overwhelming. Where you used to go out, spot a nice dress and think ‘I’ve got to have that dress’, you go out and a kiddies shop catches your eye instead. You begin to think of someone other than yourself and hubby.

The joy of motherhood is indescribable but so are the worries.

Cut, cut, cut! Off go Terry G and Waconzy’s dreads

It looks like Nigerian artistes and performers rocking dreadlocks had a secret meeting because they are all tossing the locks for low-cut hairs. I must say they look good without.
Terry G looking different

Faze started the engine of the ‘shave the dreads’ train last year and appeared looking much cuter and then Timaya followed suit. Comedian Basketmouth made sure the train didn’t leave him as he ‘reduced’ his locks. The latest passengers aboard that train are Pop artistes Terry G and Waconzy as they have made public photos showing their brand new look without the dreadlocks.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Jealous lady renders boyfriend’s manhood useless

The extent many women go with jealousy is absolutely outrageous. But men, abeg don’t be giving these women a reason to permanently disable you now. There are some who can actually turn away or resist temptation, be like them na!

Ladies are not smiling again o and you do not want to get on the bad side of a krazy one! Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned… you know that right?

This woman according to news making the rounds on social media bathed her boyfriend’s crotch with acid when she discovered some ‘suspicious’ text messages on his phone which led her to believe he was cheating on her.

Wait for it! This lady in her anger, still thought up the most effective way to carry out her plans. She got the acid, seduced her boyfriend and showed him just how sexy she could be by tying him to the bed post. The young man probably looked forward to what was coming next but when she had him where she wanted him, she decided to interrogate him. Too much movie-watching o!

Bollywood Tuesday - Humraaz: A story of love and hate (3)

Hi there. I hope your weekend was great!

I want to continue the Humrazz story today and hope the installment finishes soon since I do not want to tire you with extremely long posts all at once. That’s the major reason for the drag…sorry about that.

Please if you are just joining the train, kindly go here for Part 1 and here for Part 2 to fully grasp the beginning of the saga.

Okay, let’s get to it…

Jealousy is written all over Karan’s face upon his realization that Raj has an eye for his girlfriend but who is he to question a multi-millionaire like Raj. He swallows his anger and pretends like he noticed nothing.
Raj and Priya.... He was imagining this one sha!

That same night, Karan’s crew performs for the very first time. Throughout the course of the performance, Raj has eyes only for Priya. He stares and doesn’t care if anyone notices.

After the third leg of the engaging dance spiced up with exemplary costumes and choreography, the crew is sure they have impressed. While they talk about their performance over some drinks, a man arrives bearing a huge bunch of rose flowers with a note attached to it. 

Nigerian Flamingoes beat Azerbaijan 11 - 0 – Talk about beating senseless

Yay!!! I am not a football person but for the love I have for my hubby I try to watch. But then, I am exhilarated by what the Flamingoes are doing to their female counterparts from Azerbaijan in the FIFA Under 17 Women World Cup.

Eleven nil to nothing?  I mean 11-0? Wow!

This means that Nigeria has equaled the record set by South Korea against Gambia yesterday with same scores.

These babes have got the swagger and dare I say skills.

A guy was so surprised he exclaimed, ‘is my TL deceiving me? Am seeing Nigeria 11-o ***washing my face wit urine***.’ So funny!

These Azerbaij….. (However it is pronounced) babes will each carry one naught on their heads home.

Mighty proud of these babes! Well-done ladies…

Wife laments husband’s insistence on having sex in front of their kids

Who do we believe now? Wife says her husband has been a crazy( you can add, sex) maniac while husband claims wife has been a flirt ...

Continue for the story...

A woman,33, on Tuesday pleaded with the grade 'A ' Customary Court, Agege, Lagos to dissolve her 12-year-old marriage over threat to life and frequent beating.

The petitioner, Adesuwa Oluwalere, who lives at 18b, Kayode Joseph St.,Powerline, Oke- ira, Ogba, told the court that her husband had made love to her in the presence of her mother.

"My husband had wanted to make love to me in the presence of our children but I refused. He then beat me mercilessly to the extent of removing one of my teeth.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Baby kidnapped from church by choir member

While lots of women are praying to God for the fruit of the womb, some others are busy stealing people’s kids. Women, please trust no one with your child even if it’s a church member.

Comfort Amos, a member of the church choir in RCCG, Central Parish, Aminu Kano Crescent, Wuse II, Abuja on Sunday, kidnapped 9month old Oluwatoniloba David Obafemi.

Baby Toni’s father, Timothy Taiwo Obafemi is the Deputy HOD of the choir and it is said that Comfort Amos, 41 sat with the nursing mothers in the church on that fateful day. She sat really close to Mariah Toyin Obafemi, the mother of the boy and the Sunday school teacher.

Dear Lord...

When I felt like a failure
When I hurt so much that I felt like giving up
When I felt hopeless,
I remembered what you said to me

At that moment, I feel like I can do anything and everything
At that moment, I have every reason to look forward to a new day
At that moment, I look towards a future filled with hope

I know a lot of people
Who may or may not be there for me when I need them
But I am always assured of your unfailing presence

I am but a human but you know me by name and care for me more than I care for myself
When I don't believe in myself; you believe in me
When the world conspires against me,
You shame them by lifting me up
When I get scared for anything, you remind me not to fret

You specifically told me in the book of Mark 11:22-24
That all I need to do when I pray is believe
And EVERYTHING I want will be given me
I feel so good when I read that verse
Because I know that you are not man, so you cannot lie

I write with the knowledge that nothing I say or do is enough
To thank you for what you have done and are still doing

In my unfaithfulness, you have been faithful
In my forgetfulness, you have remembered me
In my sorrow, you have poured in joy to my life

There is really not enough words to say thanks
But here I am Lord
Appreciating your undying love and mercies!

Spanish school offers course on prostitution

Na wa o! Everyday news that shocks one to the bone marrow surfaces.

A school to teach people how to be verrrrrry good at prostitution. They have even guaranteed a job to students upon graduation.

This is how DailyMail Uk reported it:

A Spanish firm offering a professional course in prostitution which it says 'guarantees a job offer on graduation’ has survived its first legal challenge to be closed down. 
For €100, students are taught the history of the world's oldest profession, how to use erotic toys and the most popular positions contained within the Kama Sutra.
Interprete this if you

The school began advertising the course in May, but within weeks the Valencian regional government filed a case with prosecutors, alleging that the school promoted prostitution, which is illegal in Spain.

Female Hajj pilgrims detained for coming without male companion

Four hundred female pilgrims from Nigeria, who arrived in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia yesterday for this year’s hajj, have been separated from their male counterparts and detained by Saudi authorities, the Daily Trust newspaper is reporting this morning.

According to the report, the Saudis requested each female pilgrim to provide her muharram, that is, the approved male companion accompanying her on her trip, usually a husband, father or brother.
Those who could not produce any, the report said, were detained, with the authorities threatening to deport them back to Nigeria.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

The craze in the police

On the back of the previous post on police and extra-judicial killings, I want to talk about Lagos police and their hide and seek games. Am talking about the ones stationed on the roads to help curb traffic jam and prevent unlawful activities of bike and bus drivers.

The other day, I was going past Agor round-about when a bike rider carrying two passengers struggled along with his colleagues to sqyeeze through the traffic and suddenly, one policeman jumped on him shouting ' I have caught you today'. As the policeman was celebating his catch and holding on to the Okada man's bike, the traffic started flowing and this okadaman stepped on his pedal, speeding away with the surprised Policeman in hot pursuit.

He was running after the okadaman not caring how insane he looked and if he would cause an accident. The okadaman escaped and the policeman came back biting his finger and cursing.

How he was killed by the police days after his wedding

The way stories of police shooting innocent civilians multiply by the day eh! It's just crazy that the same people who have been charged with protecting lives and properties are the same people claiming it and with no cause whatsoever.

These days, when you see a policeman armed with a rifle, you do whatever he says because something as simple as frowning can even agitate a 'crazy' one and he would turn commando on you.
Late Ugo and his wife on their wedding day. The laughter has been wiped from the beautiful bride's face.

It's just so sad that families lose loved ones to the senseless killings perpetrated by these so called police officers. What gets me more angry is the fact that nothing is being done to the killer-policeman except maybe dismissal from the police force. If a beffitting punishment is meted out on these murderes, then maybe, just maybe, others will be more careful how they wield their guns and who they shoot.

The story of Ugo Ozuah is everywhere on the internet. He was alive few weeks back just newly married and like every married person, looking forward to a great future with his family but fate played a cruel one on him. He wed his wife on September 15th, 2012.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Green family claim prize in Maltina Dance All Season 6

After weeks of intense rehearsals and dance; weeks of total enjoyment for Nigerians; the Maltina Dance All Season 6 has come to an end with the Green Family dancing away six million naira richer and in a brand new vehicle.

The last five families that competed in the grand finale are: The Boyle family, The Efiokwu family, The Zibe family, the Eghovie family and the Green family.

After a night of entertainment by these families, the fifth  position went to the Boyle family; the Zibe family were fourth; Eghovie family stood third place while the Efiokwu family were second.

Mama Green erupted in a Christian praise song the moment the announcement was made and there was no stopping her.

A big congrats to the Green family. I think they totally deserved that prize.

Crime fighting dogs arrive in Lagos

Who says Nigeria isn't just as badass as the United States and others in the fight against crime and terrorism eh?

Oya now, the Nigerian Army have proven their seriousness with the recent commissioning of a dog centre in Ipaja area in Lagos, Nigeria.
This dog dey vex sha!

The dogs will assist officers in detection of narcotics, explosives, tracking and guard duties.

Arik flies again

Arik Air resumed domestic operations today after the Federal government stepped in to resolve issues between the airline and Federal Airport Authority of Nigeria (FAAN).

It's a good thing the issue was resolved fast since we already lost Air Nigeria and cannot afford to lose another...

Celebrate the girl child

When I was pregnant, I didn't want to check the sex of the baby regardless of the many persuasions I got. It helped a lot also that my hubby was of the same opinion. I went ahead and bought unisex clothes because I believed I didn't need to know the sex of the baby till it came. I couldn't care less if it was a boy or girl. I would celebrate the birth and be proud of the child.

The baby when born turned out to be a boy and friends and family celebrated with us. But then, I started encountering people who when they heard I gave birth to a boy, would hail me like I won some sort of war.

Many people kept telling me that I had 'arrived' in my husband's house because of my son. These statements didn't make me feel good at all, at all! I have friends who are married with only female children  and are extremely happy. Why are female children not appreciated as much as the male?

If female children weren't born, who would be birthing all these wonderful men out there?

Friday, September 21, 2012

Air travellers struggle for seats in remainining operational airlines

Hundreds of air travellers stranded at the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport, Abuja, on Friday ``hustled'' for tickets in a bid to travel out of the city for the weekend.

The few airlines that were operating on the domestic routes, claimed that they were fully booked as some passengers struggled to get tickets.

The situation followed the suspension of flights by Arik Air on Thursday after its operations were grounded by unions operating in the aviation sector.

The unions said they undertook the action to get Arik and other debtor airlines to pay their debts.

13-year-old boy rapes 12-year-old girl

Again, another act that proves the world is indeed in chaos whether we admit it or not. What are the factors that will make an adolescent prone to this sort of act?

Lack of proper upbringing? Exposure to adult related content?

The story below:

A 13-year-old boy has been arrested and charged before a Juvenile Court in Osogbo for allegedly having canal knowledge of a 12-year-old girl.

Man steals from police officer

This is funny! What goes around indeed comes around.

But the guy sha get mind o…E no even tink say the ‘olokpa’ fit vex carry gun shoot am, as sum of dem no send human life…

Does he look like Jay Z?

This picture popped up when I went to Google images to search for something on Jay Z and I was like, What is this?

Does he look anything like Jay Z?

Jay Z don suffer o!  Lol...

Laugh out loud with these cartoons

This my friend Asukwo E.B sure has a way of making my day with his hilarious cartoons.

Enjoys these cartoons folks to relax your day!

Thieves in Japan steal $100,000 worth of iPhone 5 before launch

The buzz that has hit the papers and television channels about the latest iPhone 5 is astounding. It’s so hyped about that phone lovers would give anything to be among the first set of people to brandish the gadget. 

Some thieves in Japan cannot wait to buy the gadget; they in fact pulled some James Bond act and made away with over $100, 000 worth of latest gadget iPhone 5 from a carrier store.

Divorce and Us

Is it just me or are divorces becoming quite rampant in Nigeria?

These days, it is easy to see people contemplate leaving their marriages for one reason or the other. Does it mean that in the olden days, such things that cause divorces didn’t happen or just that people are becoming stronger by the day to say NO to unfair treatment?

Divorce is not sanctioned by the bible seeing as I am a Christian but there are situations that arise and you can almost hear yourself scream to the person; ‘Get a divorce’.

The idea that marriage is meant forever and whatever happens no matter how bad should be endured is gradually fizzling out especially with the high rate of abuse in marriages these days.

Nollywood actors need to hit the gym

What makes ladies sit through a movie by Brad Pitt, Chris Hemsworth, Hugh Jackman, Hrithrik Roshan, Shah Rukh Khan and the rest of the hot looking fellas even though it is not interesting?

They at least get to see the good build and excellent get-up that is synonymous with these guys.

Young people in the business of entertainment especially acting and singing owe it to themselves and their fans to keep fit so that their acts are not the only thing to look out for.

TGIF: The week isn’t over just yet!

Its Friday again and one can breathe with the thought of the two day break ahead (for those who don’t work weekends that is) from the usual weekly hustle of work.

The week has been filled with moments we loved, hated and some we wished didn’t come upon us but hey, this is the time to recollect. At the end of the day, it would be a good exercise to go through our week starting from Monday.

Think of the people you met, the words you used, the moments you got angry, the happy moments, the time you spent doing something irrelevant, new things learnt…. Generally, try to remember your week in as much detail as you can.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

How long should she wait for a marriage proposal?

This is more of a question to the men out there on behalf of so many ladies.

How long is long enough before you pop that question?

You see, my concern stems from the fact that some ladies I know have been in relationships for a long time but don’t know where it is leading. They are worried sick and fret at the slightest sway of skirt that passes their man by. You may say they are scared because they do not trust the man, but truth is, they are more scared of being the dumped one after giving several years to the relationship.

Shakira is pregnant

Her hips do not lie and soon her baby bump won’t. Oh yes! The waist and hip shaking pop star Shakira, 35 is expecting her first child with her Spanish footballer boyfriend, Gerard Pique, 25.

She confirmed this yesterday on her website saying, "As some of you may know, Gerard and I are very happy awaiting the arrival of our first baby!".

 "At this time, we have decided to give priority to this unique moment in our lives and postpone all the promotional activities planned over the next few days."

She would sure rock in a bikini with her baby bump and the kid will be cute seeing as both parents are lookers!

Shakira and her boo looking nice. That dude is tall o or is Shakira short?

Man arrested for raping 6-year-old

This world is getting more wicked by the day. What possibly could a full grown man be looking for in a child?

Read the story below:

The Police have arrested a 27-year-old man for allegedly raping a six-year-old girl at the Galadimawa area of Abuja.

A police source said that the mother of the victim reported the matter at the Lugbe Police Station, Abuja.

Throwback Thursday: Looking at 'Living In Bondage'

Let's take a trip back to the yester-years. Many fads have surfaced pushing the old ones to the back seat.

On this Thursday being the day that heralds us into the weekend, it would be nice to remember some of those movies, musicals, trends and the likes that we rocked or listened to or watched back in the days. Let us get thrown back some decades past...

Let me start by remembering 'Living in Bondage'.

This drama thriller considered to be the first Nigerian block-buster movie was written by Kenneth Nnebue and Okechukwu Ogunjiofor and directed by Chris Obi Rapu. It was also produced by Kenneth Nnebue and hit the market in 1992 with a running time of 163 minutes.

It starred Kenneth Okonkwo, Francis Agu, Kanayo.O.Kanayo, Okechukwu Ogunjiofor and a host of others.

The film tells the story of a married man, Andy Okeke who loved his wife Merrit enormously but is heart broken because of his lack of wealth. He keeps looking to land it big but nothing happens until he meets with his long-lost school mate Paulo (played by Okechukwu Ogunjiofor) . He is alarmed by how rich Paulo is and wants in on whatever his friend did to gain so much wealth.

Cartoon of the day: How we would pack our coins from the ATM

It's funny how these people keep coming up with ways to douse our temper over the introduction of the coins and N5, 000 note.

Okay, the introduction of the N5, 000 is on hold; let's see if it will be scrapped. Meanwhile, I saw this cartoon and it dawned on me that we might just as well queue up with buckets and basins to pack our coins from the Coin dispensing ATM machines we were promised.

See the cartoon below...

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Landlord jailed for converting house to hotel

An Igando Customary Court in Lagos on Wednesday sentenced a landlord to one year imprisonment for operating a hotel in his house, without licence.

The President of the Court, Mr Adewale Eko, convicted Godwin Omadibi with an option of N200,000 fine for illegally using his house at No. 22 Onilewura St., Egbe, Lagos State, as a guest house.

The prosecuting Environmental Health Officer, Mrs Nimota Abdulsalam, had told the court that the landlord turned a living premises into a hotel, which was not registered with the state government.

Rick Ross piss Nigerians off with new video

American rapper Rick Ross has been criticized on Facebook and Twitter for portraying Nigeria in a bad light.

The promo video shows the rapper, dressed in gold chains and a flashy watch, visiting the slums in Lagos and rapping as he's mobbed by crowds. Women are filmed washing clothes and goats are caught wandering around the slums while the video also features news footage. 
Rick Ross during his visit to Nigeria

The video titled  “Hold Me Back”  shows children reaching  out for dollar bills.