Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Mummy’s Wednesday: A parent’s responsibility is for a lifetime

You know what I was thinking the other day after my chat with a friend and colleague? I got to thinking that as a parent, your responsibility to your child doesn’t end one day; it actually lasts till the day you breathe your last.

I am married but frankly, my mum still acts her part in my life. Well, maybe I don’t get to disturb her for financial assistance like I did when I lived under her roof but in many more ways, I still call on her.

There comes a time in some people’s lives when they begin to think their parents are crowding in on their spaces. They begin to feel like their parents are calling too much, expecting to be called but truth is, they have always been that way only while the child grows and becomes independent, the mother tends to still be the mother she has always been.

A male friend once complained that whenever his mother came to visit him, she keeps calling him up if he isn’t home yet by 1am. He claims he is sick and tired or her treating him like a child while he is a grown man.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Married but going ring-less

It really bugs me this commitment thing. I grew up knowing that when a man got married to a woman, the physical symbol that tells the whole world they are taken is the wedding band but recently, it seems that orientation had taken the back seat.
I also seem to notice that this trend of dumping the wedding band sometime in the marriage is applicable to the men and rarely the women. Well, correct me if am wrong.

My opinion of men who don’t wear their wedding rings is that they are unfaithful and don’t regard their spouse but again I have seen scores whose wedding rings shine like its polished everyday but they cheat like there is no tomorrow. This then begs my question today: Irrespective of a person’s lifestyle and beliefs, are they required to wear their wedding bands once they say ‘I do’?
Call me old fashioned or anything else but I am of the belief that it is a sign of respect to one’s spouse when the wedding ring is worn. It seems to say, ‘Am married and proud of it and my spouse’.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Bollywood Tuesday: Pyaar Impossible – Chasing after love(2)

Happy Tuesday folks...

Not much pleasantries today, let's just get on with it. The first part of this installment can be viewed here.

Here goes...

Abhay is glued to the spot as he stares at Alisha. She looks different but in a very good way. Maturity had done a beautiful job on her. She wore her hair in a short bob now as against the flowing hair she had years ago and she looked absolutely amazing in her very short corporate wear. Yes, he is staring at Alisha and the flood of emotions he has bottled in for years threaten to overcome him.

While he still basks in the happiness of seeing her, she suddenly goes into the building bringing his fantasy and happiness to a sudden halt. He makes to follow her but holds back. He afterwards gives in to curiosity and the need to really meet Alisha when he sees her suddenly come out again from the office to flag down a cab. He wonders what the hurry is all about but when she gets into the cab, he hops another and follows her. 

Monday, December 10, 2012

The case of the 'missing' N2.1bn from the mint

I know I have been away for a long time now trying to battle the illness that threatened to keep me from writing and in fact doing a lot of things but it is strange that upon recovery, I am again struck by a certain news about thjis country that makes me wonder when I will hear anything better.

I am sure you must have heard the story making rounds on the media about the N2.1billion that suddenly developed legs and walked out of the nation's mint. I am still trying to wrap my dizzy head around that sort of happening. If I were told that one piece of one thousand naira note disappered, I probably would have shrugged and asked for another story to be told to me but how can an amount equivalent to at least $100million just disappear like that?

This country is one where people perpetrate crimes against the entire nation but somehow walk away scot-free and in the near future appear bearing flags wishing for votes from citizens to rule in one office or the other. Yes, someone has been sent on an indefinite suspension with regards to the missing money but is that enough? When the investigations being carried out reveal a particular person behind the crime, will he be punished?

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Mummy's Wednesday: Loving one child more than the other

In my home, my mum had all six of us. I am the second child and in all my years of growing up with my family, I never felt like any one of us was more loved by either our father or mother than the rest.

The love and level of discipline shown was the same to every single one of us.

That said, it then worries me when some parents actually say it proudly that one of their children is their favorite. While it may be true that one child out of the rest may resemble the mother and do things exactly like the mother would want, I think that for the sake of the other children who you carried in your womb; you shouldn't pick one over the other. Favoritism has done more harm than good in most families than you will ever know.

While in secondary school, I knew a girl who hated her younger sister so much you wouldn't believe they were from the same parents. The reason was simple; their mother loved her sister more and showed it at every given time. When the younger sister wanted anything, she got it but it wasn't same for her. She didn't care why her mum always compared her to her sister, she didn't even make any efforts to change and be like her sister in a bid to get her mother's love ( For that was probably the mother's reason for the comparison in the first place); all she knew was that her sister was taking away all her shine and love.