Monday, December 10, 2012

The case of the 'missing' N2.1bn from the mint

I know I have been away for a long time now trying to battle the illness that threatened to keep me from writing and in fact doing a lot of things but it is strange that upon recovery, I am again struck by a certain news about thjis country that makes me wonder when I will hear anything better.

I am sure you must have heard the story making rounds on the media about the N2.1billion that suddenly developed legs and walked out of the nation's mint. I am still trying to wrap my dizzy head around that sort of happening. If I were told that one piece of one thousand naira note disappered, I probably would have shrugged and asked for another story to be told to me but how can an amount equivalent to at least $100million just disappear like that?

This country is one where people perpetrate crimes against the entire nation but somehow walk away scot-free and in the near future appear bearing flags wishing for votes from citizens to rule in one office or the other. Yes, someone has been sent on an indefinite suspension with regards to the missing money but is that enough? When the investigations being carried out reveal a particular person behind the crime, will he be punished?

I know within me that a gateman or a nobody within the mint will not have the effrontery to make such a bold move. I also know that a NOBODY will not make sure that CCTV cameras and anything that can implicate him are absent on the day the crime was being committed. A NOBODY will definitely not have that sort of power.

This goes to say that someone who has been feeding fat from money they didn't make took his act a little too far. But now that breeze has blown the fowl's yansh open, what next?

If the culprit is identified, what happens to him and ultimately the money?

N2.1 billion no be beans o! That money can change the destiny of many families in a country where the poverty level is alarming!

Call it missing but I choose to call it stealing, the money is making some corrupt fellow smile somewhere and rub his tommy!
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