Thursday, March 7, 2013

Sex in a wild wild jungle!

Just when I thought I had heard of crazier things, the internet proves me wrong once again!

A man and his girlfriend in Kariba, Zimbabwe wanted to have the sex of their lives and apparently, the bed or even the floor (if they didn’t have a bed) didn’t suffice; instead they decided to explore and take the sexcapade to the jungle.

They happily engaged in the act oblivious of the hungry lion that lay and watched in annoyance the passionate act. The Lion probably watched for a long time thinking just how bold, foolish and insulting these fellows were before he leapt in wonder at the unsuspecting duo.

‘What would it be like to tear this two apart while they are out of this world in the sensation that orgasm brings’ the Lion must have thought and giggled in its head. ‘Why think? Let me just go and find out firsthand’ it must have said before jogging in earnest to the two fools making love.

THROWBACK THURSDAY: Days when we rocked the Cortina shoes!

Been away for a while trying to re-organize myself and my day job. I hope I am truly done and back to blogging for good sha!

Ehen, today as usual on this blog is Throwback Thursday where I take you back to something that trended back in the years and allow you reminisce at how far we have all come.

Today, I want to remember the bata shoe we used to wear in school then called Cortina. If you didn’t at least know about this shoe let alone owned one, then you weren’t born in or before my time. That shoe was the trending shoe for every student who wanted to look smart back in the days.

Check out polishing na! We used to polish the shoe with Kiwi polish then, put it under the sun and then shine it afterwards to get that glow and shine that made you appear like one ajebo when you got to school. Sometimes, the loads of Kiwi red polish smeared on the shoe ended up painting the white socks students wore red but no one cared so long as theirs were shining.