Thursday, March 7, 2013

Sex in a wild wild jungle!

Just when I thought I had heard of crazier things, the internet proves me wrong once again!

A man and his girlfriend in Kariba, Zimbabwe wanted to have the sex of their lives and apparently, the bed or even the floor (if they didn’t have a bed) didn’t suffice; instead they decided to explore and take the sexcapade to the jungle.

They happily engaged in the act oblivious of the hungry lion that lay and watched in annoyance the passionate act. The Lion probably watched for a long time thinking just how bold, foolish and insulting these fellows were before he leapt in wonder at the unsuspecting duo.

‘What would it be like to tear this two apart while they are out of this world in the sensation that orgasm brings’ the Lion must have thought and giggled in its head. ‘Why think? Let me just go and find out firsthand’ it must have said before jogging in earnest to the two fools making love.

The Lion got close and roared and the fisherman who was atop his girlfriend pumping away raised his head in time to see the angry Lion. What did he do? Drag his girlfriend and make a run for it? Absolutely not! This time, everybody go answer their papa name o!

The guy, with erection shrunken in fear for his life, sprints for his dear life stark naked leaving his gasping girlfriend to the angry and hungry beast. Well, after he had run a good distance, he stood and watched in fascination and fear as the creature devoured the woman before common sense pushed him to call for help. Help came too late as the lady had made some hungry Lion happy.

This time, isn’t it obvious that love wears not only goggles but uses walking stick! And by the way, who goes into a wild jungle to have sex eh? #EndTimeThinz
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