Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Decision, Discipline, Results

For as long as I can remember, I had always dreaded exercises. If I managed three sit-ups I’d be breathing like I just jogged for miles. It was that bad.

I always thanked God I wasn’t on the fat side and that I wasn’t an impulsive eater; I just eat because I have to. Well, except some foods I really really like, but I always don’t overeat because I find that I’ll not be able to move. So I save myself the headache of feeling bloated and needing exercise( I used to think exercising was just for losing weight but now I know better).

But something happened. Something that turned me into someone who worked out almost on a daily basis.

This is me three months after baby number 3. Still working on being healthy

The effects of childbirth or just plain indiscipline?

So I had my first child and didn’t add weight, great right? The second came and I still didn’t add weight. But months down the line, the unhealthy habit of sitting in the office from morning till night while munching on pastries and any interesting food I came across saw my weight sky-rocketing from 65kg to 70kg.

I didn’t even notice it at first till someone made a comment on how my backside was now more visible. What??? I almost fell over in shock.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

SHORT STORY: Cursed, Sick And Deranged

Fred knew he was cursed. It wasn’t a secret to him. He accepted that phrase from anyone with glee.

It was almost laughable that people would expect a freaked out reaction from him. Heck, he knew he was cursed. He had to be. 

Everything that has happened in his 30 years of being in existence lent credence to that fact. 

He wondered why the hell God was in such a freaking bad mood the day he was created.
He was certain God in his annoyance, had given him as a pet project to Lucifer’s apprentice. 

That apprentice had put all the woes of the world into his diminutive self.

Not only was he created ugly, he was also short. The world often said that women wouldn’t care about appearance once a man had the cash. But there again, the wicked apprentice also blew him a curse. He was poorer than a church rat.

It wasn’t just right for someone to be this way.


Life had played a huge joke on him. From the early mysterious death of his parents, to him being dumped on a family that had no love for him. His uncle and his family had treated him like a privileged outcast from the day he was brought to them.

He was barely one year old then. The fact that he stayed an extra one year before walking instilled further proof in his Uncle Amadi’s mind that he was indeed cursed. They often whispered that he killed his parents.

This fear also forced the family to train him properly against their wish.

Amadi and his family were dead scared that Fred Egwuonwu would harm them if they treated him badly, so while they distanced themselves from him, they made sure to provide him with all the necessities for school and life.

They shipped him off to boarding school and he got used to being with strangers.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

How to sell anything using 'Guarantees'

Yes. I have been sold to that way. Many times.

I know folks who have been sold things to in the same ways. But it all became clear as day now.

Have you ever loaned someone N10, 000 (a high amount of money) just because when you loaned him N500 he paid back early without hassle?

I am sure you won’t think twice before buying something from someone who first gave you a trial of the product for free or offered you a guarantee before making a selling move on you.

Heck. Let’s get down to the familiar.

It is common knowledge that when you want to buy boiled groundnuts from hawkers anywhere in Nigeria, you take some first to taste. You believe doing that tells you if the groundnut is worth your hard-earned naira; even though it doesn’t cost much. But there’s something else you don’t know.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Her fight with the devil

By Chinwe J. Obinwanne

Mabel stared into the mirror. She couldn’t recognize the face that stared back. She didn’t know who the hell this person was.

This wasn’t the first time she was looking into a mirror. But this was the first time she saw a face unknown to her.

She lifted her brows in surprise. The strange face did the same.
Why was this person mimicking her?

She moved her hands over her face. It hurt. The strange face did the same. It then occurred to her that this was no stranger. This was her. Suddenly the events that caused her not to recognize her own face came pouring back.

Monday, September 1, 2014

SHORT STORY: The unspoken truth

By Chinwe J. Obinwanne

It could only be a mistake. It was surely just nature playing one of its biggest games. She stared closely at the image on her younger sister’s Facebook page and shrugged, a sad smile playing on her lips. Memories reminding her of the crazy but cruel twist that took her away from Nigeria a good six years ago. Reality gave her a resounding slap when she saw a birthmark on the face of that image on Sade’s Facebook wall. No, it wasn’t a mistake. This was him.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

Funke was over 5ft 9inches in height, quite tall for a woman; dark-skinned, had hazel shaped eyes that seemed to probe into a person’s soul when she looked into them, nose as pointed and defined as that of a Fulani lady; her lips were set in a pout and you could only imagine Angelina Jolie when you concentrated on her lips; she wasn’t exactly curvy but something about her build, face and eyes seemed to capture and hold the attention of men and women alike. She had an electrifying persona and seemed to make friends wherever she went. Men bent over backwards to do her bidding and she was well aware of the power she wielded over them.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

“I don’t want to die” she cried

By Chinwe J. Obinwanne

It is scary. It is absolutely scary. The simple thought of having your loved one so sick, yet you are powerless in caring for them. The thought of running away from the very person you are supposed to be caring for in their very hour of need is nothing short of devastating.

Let’s turn the tables now, shall we? What of the thought that we could be dying and not be able to hold the hands of those we love or even see their faces to tell them how much we love them. To tell them we will miss them. Or even to tell them not to cry. It is the kind of death no one wishes for. Yet it is the death that many across West Africa are presently subjected to.

Ebola stole into this region like a thief in the night and started stealing people from their loved ones. This dreaded disease is such a killer that an absolutely normal person could turn to a corpse just within weeks of contracting it. It kills that fast.

Mothers have watched their children die and the heartache of watching as the child writhed in pain crying “I don’t want to die” had pushed many mothers to the arms of their babies. What did Ebola do? It sniggered at the apparent love and pain of the mother and simply sank its deadly fang inside of the mother.

Monday, August 25, 2014

SHORT STORY: Paid in full

By Chinwe J. Obinwanne

Sandra sighed as she took one last look at him. He looked peaceful, almost perfect.

She got up from the bed dragging the bed-sheet to cover her nakedness, and leaving Kazeem to the harsh cold air emanating from the Air conditioner. He wouldn’t mind that anyway, she thought as she headed for the bathroom.

As the water poured over her full breasts, sliding down to her wash-board flat belly and then moving on down to her womanness and then to her legs, she wondered silently where her life was headed. Her wonderings were interrupted by yet another thought. Kazeem. How innocent he looked in sleep. How crazy and wild he was in bed the previous night. How sore and spent he made her.

Thoughts that slowly faded away as she contemplated her next move. As she turned off the shower, she toweled her soft body dry and then moved to the wardrobe to get her clothes. She pulled on a jeans and tee shirt. She ought to be in a hurry but instead she took her time. She moved about lazily and then settled on a chair just opposite Kazeem’s face to apply her makeup. She chose red for her lips. Yes. That colour was perfect for her mood.

As the stick of lipstick found every corner of her lips filling them with its red hotness, the events of the precious day came to Sandra’s mind as if on replay. Events that sent a shudder down her spine - but in a fulfilling way.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Why a bad boss may be good for your career

There are a lot of things I have read and disputed. Some I felt were just the writer's opinion and others I actually agreed with. One of the most recent ones that got me sitting on the fence for a while before I chose a place to fall under after due consideration is this. How bad bosses can actually be good for your career.

I read that piece on Forbes website and decided not to take the writer's word for it. I went on to do my own serious thinking, dissecting every boss I had ever worked with over the past few years. You know what I discovered? I found that in one way or the other, they had played a major part in putting me where I am career wise and in the way I behave to my subordinates plus in where I aim to be at. The good ones, I emulated and the bad ones, they unconsiously taught me what NOT to do.

I once worked with a direct boss who literally frustrated me. I cringed at the thought of coming to work because of him. I did my work well and often times wondered why he always picked on me. He would laugh and tell me how it was his job to frustrate me and mine to do all the task and make him look good. I remember telling him once that because of him, I would work my a** off to get to the top and never have a boss like him again. Somewhere along the line, his cunning and bad ways were noticed and he got fired but, I am living up to that promise I made to him years ago. I am doing all I can to ensure his jaws drop when next he gets to meet me and see how well I have done for myself.

You see, when you work with a bad boss two things are involved. They can break you or spur you. Am I confusing you now? Well, let me explain.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Secrets to growing your business (1)

If our ancestors had foreseen this day when things would be super easy and super efficient with the advent of civilization and of course the internet, they probably would have fought the angels when they were being released into the world eons ago. Aren't you just glad to have been born in this era?

It is amazing what a lot of people have been able to accomplish with the internet. The people that once seemed unreachable can now be reached with just a click and those things we never thought possible are all becoming reality before our very eyes. Businesses have been able to spring forth from the internet and surviving by the many clicks from readers all over the world, many have made millions. Take popular blogger, Linda Ikeji for instance.

This young lady said once that the only job she has is her blog which pays her in a month what many would consider generous as an annual salary. and interesting enough, she does this from the comfort of wherever she is. the weapons she uses are so simple you'd scoff at its simplicity. With just a laptop and internet or even an internet enabled smartphone, she could post things that would generate clicks from even her toilet if she chooses. Her tricks: get content (whether written or multimedia) that will arouse curiosity or inform, post if on her blog, utilize the power of the social media platforms in sharing each post and let people do the re-tweeting and sharing. Before you know it, tens, hundreds and even thousand have viewed it and are talking about it.

This was and still is her strategy and over time, her blog visitors grew tremendously and with it revenue started pouring in. She made excellent use of the web analytic tools available to track visits to her blog, the gender of such visitors and from which country they came. You know why she sweated to do that? Let me explain.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

My relationship with Joseph Sugarman

Yeah, it surprised me too. If  you know who this man is, you'll know it is a big deal to have a relationship with him.

You see, this all started from an encounter I had with the owner of, Jesse Forrest. I met this fellow virtually online when I listened to his YouTube video on how to go about the copy writing career.

Like I had said many times, I love stringing words together to sound musical to the ears; a craft I am yet to master. So imagine my surprise when I realized that I knew how to do something that could help grow businesses while loving what I do and making some bucks. I learned that from Jesse, who I choose to call by his first name despite having never met him.

After listening to Jesse talk about his journey into the intriguing world of copy writing some decade ago and how easy it could be for a dedicated writer to toe same path, I believed in my heart that all my years in writing and being in the Journalism world were all to prepare me for this. A time when I would think deep and hard and then allow my craziness and weird thoughts to pour out on paper in a bid to convince someone to part with their hard earned cash to purchase a product or service.