Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Decision, Discipline, Results

For as long as I can remember, I had always dreaded exercises. If I managed three sit-ups I’d be breathing like I just jogged for miles. It was that bad.

I always thanked God I wasn’t on the fat side and that I wasn’t an impulsive eater; I just eat because I have to. Well, except some foods I really really like, but I always don’t overeat because I find that I’ll not be able to move. So I save myself the headache of feeling bloated and needing exercise( I used to think exercising was just for losing weight but now I know better).

But something happened. Something that turned me into someone who worked out almost on a daily basis.

This is me three months after baby number 3. Still working on being healthy

The effects of childbirth or just plain indiscipline?

So I had my first child and didn’t add weight, great right? The second came and I still didn’t add weight. But months down the line, the unhealthy habit of sitting in the office from morning till night while munching on pastries and any interesting food I came across saw my weight sky-rocketing from 65kg to 70kg.

I didn’t even notice it at first till someone made a comment on how my backside was now more visible. What??? I almost fell over in shock.

But that was the tip of the iceberg to how I felt when I climbed the scale. It screamed 70kg. I sniggered. This damn scale must be wrong again. I adjusted it and got back on, same weight.

I went to the hospital for my baby’s sixth month immunization and decided to use their scale. It pushed the figure 70 before my eyes again. Two scales can’t be wrong. So I knew I had to do something. I had allowed my lack of discipline to pile on unnecessary weight in my body.

What to do?

My friend Soyem, who works out like crazy came to the rescue. She encouraged me endlessly and then in came Jillian Michaels. This lady is bad ass. Her workout videos were killers. First I got her 30 day shred series and after level 1, I was panting like a dog on heat (you need to watch and perhaps try her workout series to get my point). But as I continued, I started seeing visible changes. I went back to weighing 65kg……

But that too didn’t last, as I fell pregnant again. This time, after childbirth, for the first time I felt my belly looked just too big. Did I say I felt? Scratch that, the female doctor had the nerves to tell me my belly looked like another baby was in it. What the hell? I had just given birth so it had to look that way right?

Well, after some days it still looked the same. I started belly-binding but that didn’t make a difference. 

So I sought out my Jillian Michaels work out videos again.

Only this time, I was determined to deal with this big belly once and for all. I decided and was determined to get and stay healthy.

I’m still on this journey three months into birthing my last baby, and I have only missed about 6 days in my workout schedule. I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished ( dropped to 60kg with clear definition in my abs and feeling fitter and healthier) and even prouder of the discipline that has seen me through; even though now, most of my clothes are loose on my body.

Hopefully, when next I blog about my workout experience, I’ll have abs of steel. Fingers crossed.

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