Sunday, September 23, 2012

How he was killed by the police days after his wedding

The way stories of police shooting innocent civilians multiply by the day eh! It's just crazy that the same people who have been charged with protecting lives and properties are the same people claiming it and with no cause whatsoever.

These days, when you see a policeman armed with a rifle, you do whatever he says because something as simple as frowning can even agitate a 'crazy' one and he would turn commando on you.
Late Ugo and his wife on their wedding day. The laughter has been wiped from the beautiful bride's face.

It's just so sad that families lose loved ones to the senseless killings perpetrated by these so called police officers. What gets me more angry is the fact that nothing is being done to the killer-policeman except maybe dismissal from the police force. If a beffitting punishment is meted out on these murderes, then maybe, just maybe, others will be more careful how they wield their guns and who they shoot.

The story of Ugo Ozuah is everywhere on the internet. He was alive few weeks back just newly married and like every married person, looking forward to a great future with his family but fate played a cruel one on him. He wed his wife on September 15th, 2012.

He was said to have been shot on Thursday, September 20 by police men in front of the UPS office on the Gbagada express way. He fought death but eventually gave in Saturday morning at a hospital in Lagos.

His friends say he was at the expressway with another friend tryining to get a cab at about 9pm when these policemen pulled up and shot him twice in the chest at close range. They claimed he was resisting arrest but reports say he was not resisting arrest, he wasn't resisting arrest and he was not even asked to identify himself. He was just standing there looking for a way home when his life was snatched for no reason at all.

The IG of police, who I guess didn't even see the faces of said perpetrators, has claimed that the men weren't policemen but impersonators clad in police uniform.

This is not the first time an innocent person has been killed by 'policemen' and if something is not done fast, it may not be the last.

The wife of the deceased hasn't been married up to one month and she is already a widow!

Her pain is unimaginable!

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