Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Mummy’s Wednesday: Mothers, pray for your children

When a woman gets pregnant, it is the sheer power and will of God that sees her through the many months and the eventual safe delivery of the child. It is only right then that we acknowledge that intense supernatural power at work in our lives and in the birthing of our little one.

The bible says ‘ Pray without ceasing’ because let’s face it, we are at war everyday whether we realize it or not.

It’s only when you understand the dubious, deceptive and manipulative way the devil and his cohorts operate that you begin to understand why a driver will get drunk and hit an innocent pedestrian. Then you will understand why a grown-up man will see a little girl and sexually molest her.

When we have understood just little how dangerously the devil operates without sleeping a wink, we then realize the need to pray always for our children. From the moment the baby pops out of you, he has become your sole responsibility. You don’t just have the responsibility to provide emotionally, financially and physically for the child, you have to provide spiritual support which quite frankly is the most important.

It is said that no love can match that of a mother for her child; and so with that extreme love as a mother, get down on your knees today. You owe that to your child.

At all time, have it in your consciousness to pray for your child. No matter how old a child gets, he is still a child to his parents. That means, no matter how old he/she is, your prayers as a mother is still highly needed. Study the word of God as a mother and you will realize the value and responsibility placed on mothers. 

The little prayers you utter every now and then prevent the power of the enemy from getting to your child. Back it up with the scripture and you have the devil on the run concerning your child and his welfare.

It is not enough complaining that your child is stubborn. It is not enough believing that your child is not intelligent. No! that is what they devil wants you to think! The bible says to seek wisdom from the Lord and it shall be granted you. You can take anything that bothers you about your child no matter how trivial to God in prayers. God is not man that will complain when you bring too much complaint to him. He rejoices in the fact that you see him as the answer to all those worries.

Mothers, realize this day that you can turn your child’s fortunes, health and life around for good if you can become a praying mum.

Ask God for the grace to be a praying mother and because he has promised that his grace is sufficient for us, he will give you all the grace you need and even more!

Nice day mums!

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