Tuesday, August 12, 2014

My relationship with Joseph Sugarman

Yeah, it surprised me too. If  you know who this man is, you'll know it is a big deal to have a relationship with him.

You see, this all started from an encounter I had with the owner of, Jesse Forrest. I met this fellow virtually online when I listened to his YouTube video on how to go about the copy writing career.

Like I had said many times, I love stringing words together to sound musical to the ears; a craft I am yet to master. So imagine my surprise when I realized that I knew how to do something that could help grow businesses while loving what I do and making some bucks. I learned that from Jesse, who I choose to call by his first name despite having never met him.

After listening to Jesse talk about his journey into the intriguing world of copy writing some decade ago and how easy it could be for a dedicated writer to toe same path, I believed in my heart that all my years in writing and being in the Journalism world were all to prepare me for this. A time when I would think deep and hard and then allow my craziness and weird thoughts to pour out on paper in a bid to convince someone to part with their hard earned cash to purchase a product or service.

Who better to guide me through this than the master at copy writing himself, Joseph Sugarman. Joseph is as described by New York Times, A Mail Order Maverick. You've got to really read about him to know and love him, yeah I said so. Love him. How can you not love this marketing genius?

My relationship with him started even without me knowing something was brewing. A relationship more like a mentor's and a men-tee's. It started when I flipped open his book, The Advertising Secrets Of The Written Word. Boy, was I sucked in from the first page. It felt like he was speaking to me and lecturing me on a subject I found absolutely fascinating. The over 300 page book intimidated some colleagues who hated reading even as they wondered how in the hell I manage to digest such a 'heavy' book. But it didn't feel like a book. It felt more like a very much older and experienced friend telling me how to go about my career and doing it in the sincerest way possible.

I read this book and kept flipping until one day, I realized there was nothing left to flip.No more pages to read. I had finally finished this delicious book offering on copy writing. It was at that point it hit home that I had unconsciously formed a relationship with this marketing guru without even knowing it.I realized that when my heart sank at the knowledge that I had finished this book. I felt like there should be no end to the wealth of knowledge I was amassing from this interesting fellow.

As I sit and type this, I know instinctively that I'd have that book for a very long time. No lending. No giving away. This isn't something you give away. This is a book that when the doubt creeps in or when the puzzle seems to big to solve, I can crawl back to and flip just a few pages for answers. There are many other absolutely great copywriters I probably haven't heard of, but this one that has helped hundreds on their feet to a career they love so much, I am happy I got to know of.

This is actually me ranting on my new found love for copy writing and the people who made it possible. If I bored you, I apologize but if not, great; but in all, thanks for reading.

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