Friday, August 15, 2014

Secrets to growing your business (1)

If our ancestors had foreseen this day when things would be super easy and super efficient with the advent of civilization and of course the internet, they probably would have fought the angels when they were being released into the world eons ago. Aren't you just glad to have been born in this era?

It is amazing what a lot of people have been able to accomplish with the internet. The people that once seemed unreachable can now be reached with just a click and those things we never thought possible are all becoming reality before our very eyes. Businesses have been able to spring forth from the internet and surviving by the many clicks from readers all over the world, many have made millions. Take popular blogger, Linda Ikeji for instance.

This young lady said once that the only job she has is her blog which pays her in a month what many would consider generous as an annual salary. and interesting enough, she does this from the comfort of wherever she is. the weapons she uses are so simple you'd scoff at its simplicity. With just a laptop and internet or even an internet enabled smartphone, she could post things that would generate clicks from even her toilet if she chooses. Her tricks: get content (whether written or multimedia) that will arouse curiosity or inform, post if on her blog, utilize the power of the social media platforms in sharing each post and let people do the re-tweeting and sharing. Before you know it, tens, hundreds and even thousand have viewed it and are talking about it.

This was and still is her strategy and over time, her blog visitors grew tremendously and with it revenue started pouring in. She made excellent use of the web analytic tools available to track visits to her blog, the gender of such visitors and from which country they came. You know why she sweated to do that? Let me explain.

She had to be able to confidently tell someone from any organization why the person had to place adverts on her blog. After all, the purpose of an advert is to get a product or service in the faces of target consumers. How would you disagree with her when she is armed with analytic proof that she has amassed thousands of visitors. Most of who may be potential customers.

She didn't get there in one day. Just as little drops of water make an ocean, so did little by little, she built something that started paying her bills and then some.

That is Linda and many like her are toeing the same path with monetary gains and recognition to go with it. Okay, take OAP Toke Makinwa for instance. Everyone listened to her on radio and loved her shows but until she took to her Video blogging on Youtube, people didn't know she was capable of managing a Television gig too. What has that got going for her now? A show on HipTV and Ebonylife Television.

Truth is, the power of the internet cannot be underestimated. Every small business has the potential of becoming an empire if they understand and use all of these available and free tools. Even an individual that is skilled in a certain area can become in greater demand by utilizing the power of the internet. Greater demand equals greater earning power too. Who wouldn't want more money?

Let's say a lady is talented in catering. She's got so much passion for the art and knows she is that good but year in year out, she struggles to get customers. It is not because she is not good at what she does, it is because no one but her and maybe friends and family know of her skill. People cannot seek the services of one they don't know exist.

Okay, the other day I needed an event person to organize the birthday of my kids. I simply went on the internet, selected a few people listed on there. I made a few calls and got the particular person who could meet my requirements and I employed his services. Simple as that. He was good enough that I started recommending him to others. What if he wasn't on the internet? How many businesses would he have lost?

You see, the internet is a tool to make everyone better but it will only serve those who seek ways to use it.

I urge you today, take that business to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, OLX and Instagram. Register your business on all of these platforms. Make it clear what you offer. Market your business or services on these platforms. Engage in conversations on this mediums. Ensure your contact number, emails and address are listed on there. If you have pictures of your work, showcase them there. If you love to blog, create a blog for your business or service and share helpful tips with readers. Encourage friends and family to like, follow or connect with you on the social media platforms. Make it a habit to post on these platforms daily. Sell your services in the most friendly way across board.

Do all these with determination and dedication plus deliver quality service in your area of expertise, and I assure you, you'll not only snag new customers but also improve yourself and your business/service in the long run. It is free and super efficient. Take that step and you'll be glad you did.

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