Monday, November 26, 2012

When the ‘push’ gets too much

You know how you wake up one morning and feel all queasy and just don’t know what is happening to you? Well, that is how I have felt in the past week.
As a woman, all sorts of insinuations sprung up. Many wondered if it was work stress coming down on me, while some others suggested another lil one may just be on the way. Both may be right or wrong but it still doesn’t change how I feel.
I would switch on my computer system, open up Microsoft word to type and the screen would suddenly seem to come alive threatening to swallow me; then I would quickly shut it and lie down to regain some strength.

I happen to be a little okay today but not completely. It’s so hard knowing you do not feel well but having no choice but to come to work. This is one of those days I wish I worked for myself. You are sick but hey, no one except you really cares once you get into the office environment. All you are expected to do is deliver!
It’s so uncomfortable and what better way to moan and share my sickness and frustration that piling it on your shoulders. Maybe your shoulders may be just where I can lean on to get the weight off…
I am lamenting too much about my sickness. Did you hear of the suicide bombing in Kaduna yesterday? My dear, I almost thought these fellows had gone to sleep but they just proved they were just bidding their time.

If they can calculate and deliver such a blow in a military base, what does that say about us and security in this country?
Many have suggested that there must have been an insider who leaked information and helped carry out the deadly act; and I say, is that a surprise? Even in the Bible, there was a Judas amongst Christ’s disciples, how much more this sin-laden world?
It behooves me that people keep dying like this in Nigeria. Can you count how many have lost their lives this year to bomb attacks by terrorists?
You know, I saw a Bollywood movie over the weekend in bits and pieces. I was sick, so I started watching where my eyes allowed but I got the entire picture as clear as day.
It was about a common man who had witnessed terrorists bomb and kill innocent people so much. He even escaped death himself one day just by missing the train but his only friend aboard the train, a young man who got recently engaged didn’t have the luxury. This common man held the police by the throat by threatening to detonate bombs planted in strategic places. The police were scared shitless and all efforts to trace him proved futile. At the end, they had to succumb to his demands.
He wanted four men released from prison and brought to an empty airport. He ensured the media was covering it. These men were terrorists who carried their acts like a badge of honour making the country they bombed and the year they did it their initials. When the man was sure he had the right men, he blew them up.
I am not here to tell the story of the movie but to shed light on how consistency in doing nothing can trigger an ordinary man to do something.
I hope we do not get to that point where ordinary, law abiding citizens are turned into jungle-justice-loving beings just because an evil has refused to be nipped in the bud.
Children are being raped, families mourn members lost to bomb blasts, and people’s blood and sweat are being carted away by money-laundering politicians…. The menace is too much to bear. A people can only watch for too long before the need for retaliation seeps in.

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