Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Bollywood Tuesday: Pyaar Impossible – Chasing after love

They say some people are very fortunate to find true love while there are some that ‘Love’ just doesn’t happen to. How can ‘Love’ not happen to anyone? 

Pyaar Impossible (Meaning ‘Love Impossible) is a romantic comedy starring Dino Morea, Priyanka Chopra and Uday Chopra as the lead characters…

Let me take you into the drama that has Abhay Sharma (played by Uday Chopra) believing that maybe he just wasn’t meant to find love.

Abhay Sharma is a geek in a University in U.S who loves to read and even gets paid by the ‘big boys’ in school to carry out their class assignments while getting paid for it. He is comfortable just lurking in the background as he sees himself no match to the suave and smooth nature of the ‘correct’ guys in school.

Considering the kind of unpopular person Abhay is, it is then strange that his love attraction will be the most popular girl in school.  Alisha (Played by Priyanka Chopra) is what can be termed drop-dead-gorgeous. She is a hottie in school and hangs with the most popular set of guys and girls. She also has a boyfriend who is just as popular as her and one of Abhay’s patronisers when it came to school work.

Abhay is content just watching and fantasizing about Alisha. He knows there is no way in hell she would give him a second look and so he respects himself and loves from a distance.

He is distant enough until the fateful day that got him not only coming very close to Alisha but actually touching and feeling her skin against his… that day, Alisha and her friends are having fun atop a bridge with bottles of wine. Suddenly the excitement gets the better of Alisha who climbs the bridge railing boasting to her friends she could walk the railings without falling. Her friends know how much she has drunk and know her move is a bad idea but Alisha being the spoilt daughter of a multi-millionaire wouldn’t take no for an answer. She continues her act. Abhay who is at a reasonable distance rolling his bicycle home, stands in fascination to watch how the drama ends.

His fascination is cut short when reality sets in. Alisha is wobbling on the rails and before anything can be said, plunges head first into the river. Abhay is astounded. He drops his bicycle and is still contemplating his next move when he hears her friends shout for help exclaiming Alisha didn’t know how to swim. Fear, love, panic grips Abhay and he does the first thing that comes to his head. He dives in after Alisha.

He succeeds in saving Alisha who looks momentarily into his face before slipping into unconsciousness; but then he is shoved aside by her friends who run to the scene scared to the bones of the worst. They quickly pick Alisha up and take her back to the dormitory. The school authority having got wind of the happening and knowing that wasn’t the first time Alisha made news, informed her rich father. Alisha’s father storms the school and being tired of all the humiliation caused him by his daughter, asks her to pack up her things. She is leaving the school for good. She is yet to find that person that saved her as her friends don’t remember who he is or what he looks like.

She cries and begs but to no avail. Meanwhile, Abhay feels rather good with himself. He saved the girl of his dreams and even touched her. He figures since she looked into his face, she would recognize him. So armed with a bunch of flowers, he bounces with confidence to her dormitory but is shocked at the exchange emanating from her room. She was arguing with her father. Sensing she would not be in the mood to entertain him, he drops the flowers on the doormat and retreats. Shortly after her outburst, Alisha makes to close the door but is confronted by the beautiful rose flowers. She picks it up, looks around for the person who dropped it and finding no one in view, goes in and locks the door. That would mark the last time Abhay set his eyes on her.

After Alisha left the school, Abhay concentrates on his study but never for one moment forgot the love of his life. What if she didn’t know or love him back? He just doesn’t care about that. He is content loving her. Years roll by and Abhay graduates from school. He is now an astounding programmer but still lives with his father. They are so much alike in many ways and that scared his father. He knew how much love eluded him in the past and with his son looking and behaving so much like him with each passing day, he didn’t want the same fate for him.

He urged his son to forget Alisha over the years and when that doesn’t happen; he begins encouraging him to go look for her. Finding her will either translate to a sizzling romance or he will at least get closure and move on.

Abhay is still considering this when he gets a call. A man named Sidhu (played by Dino Morea) wants to see his software and may buy it if he is impressed. This sounds just like the perfect break he has been waiting for all these years and so he jumps at it. He meets with Sidhu at a tea shop and after explaining just what the software could do and how awesome it is. The software could cross-integrate all existing operating systems. Sidhu suddenly throws the bit about getting some of the files. Abhay knows this is not right but the man keeps insisting, so he asks permission to make a call. He goes out to call his dad and ask if it is right to give Sidhu the files he asked. 

While he is making this call, Sidhu had inserted his flash drive and copied not just the files he asked but the software in its entirerity. This means he has just as much as Abhay has but free of charge.

He adjusts himself when he sees Abhay coming pretending innocence. When Abhay comes to tell him he cannot give him the files, he shrugs and tells him they cannot do business. He stands and walks away from Abhay.

But a few months later, Abhay hears a Singapore-based company named Pinnacle was launching software similar to his. In fact not juts similar, but one that did exactly what his own does. The criminal software salesman had pitched the software to Pinnacle as his own invention and is on the verge of sealing the agreement and partnership.

Abhay is outraged. He tells his father of his frustration and his father advises him not to allow people keep taking away what he owned. He immediately packs up and boards a train to Singapore. He is insistent on letting the company know the truth. 

When he gets to the company, he is transfixed at how big a corporation it is. He goes in demanding to speak with a high authority but is sent out. He decides to wait outside the building until he sees Sidhu. 

While he waits, he hears a familiar voice. He sees Alisha’s smiling face and having always had her in his imagination smiles at the fantasy. Only this time, it isn’t a fantasy. Alisha is right there in front of the company paying the cab driver…

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