Sunday, August 10, 2014

The return of the prodigal

I have been away for so long that you wouldn't be wrong to wonder if I had forgotten I owned a blog. Over one year and a few months? That's too long if you ask me.

Let me take a minute to fill you in on my life in these past months. This is by no means an excuse for going MIA though, I truly have no logical excuse and for that I plead for your forgiveness.

So, in July of 2013 I went on to welcome my daughter into the world. You see, I had prayed fervently for a girl to come and calm my always bubbly and excited son down; so you'd be guessing right now how much of a relief it was to see I had birthed a girl right? Well, I got my wish and with it something I wasn't prepared for.

I got a beautiful baby girl that had the strength of a boy and the worrisome tendencies of two boys rolled into one. As she grew, she started to exhibit her intelligence plus her eagerness to outshine her brother in noisy excitement. Then came three months after, I resumed work and everyday for the past eight months, I went to work with this little burst of energy. It wasn't easy, I kid you not. I had to do all of these, manage the magazine that I started as its founding Editor and take care of her brother and the homefront.

Right now, my little girl is a little over a year old and still bubbly; now more than ever and then I took one look at my blog and said to myself, " Shush Chinwe, get back on the horse and stop letting other things pull you away". Believe me,this is not the first time I have said that to myself. But this time, I meant it. It was like issuing a silent threat to myself. One that pulled me up from my seat and got me opening my laptop and typing apologetically away.

In these long months, I have also come to understand the power of words and the impact it can make in growing anything especially businesses and of course add additional earnings to my pocket. So with this in mind and after having more than one month to think about it, I enrolled for a certification course in copywriting.

You see, I love words a little too much; especially the ability to play with them while infusing all the creativity one can muster. I love to write and believe strongly that I can make an interesting thing out of writing copies for business growth.

Now that I have brought my 'lazy-blogging-behind' back to the art I love, I am hoping that you'll stick with me as I bare my thoughts and musings. I know you'd probably be wondering if I will not up and disappear again, but I promise not to. Not now. Not again.

And yeah, did you notice I have changed the URL of my blog? I thought this one conveyed better what I typically do here. Use words to say any and everything.

Let me get into the kitchen and make dinner.

Thanks for joining me once more and please join me everyday now as I'll be posting daily unfailingly.

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