Thursday, March 7, 2013

THROWBACK THURSDAY: Days when we rocked the Cortina shoes!

Been away for a while trying to re-organize myself and my day job. I hope I am truly done and back to blogging for good sha!

Ehen, today as usual on this blog is Throwback Thursday where I take you back to something that trended back in the years and allow you reminisce at how far we have all come.

Today, I want to remember the bata shoe we used to wear in school then called Cortina. If you didn’t at least know about this shoe let alone owned one, then you weren’t born in or before my time. That shoe was the trending shoe for every student who wanted to look smart back in the days.

Check out polishing na! We used to polish the shoe with Kiwi polish then, put it under the sun and then shine it afterwards to get that glow and shine that made you appear like one ajebo when you got to school. Sometimes, the loads of Kiwi red polish smeared on the shoe ended up painting the white socks students wore red but no one cared so long as theirs were shining.

When the rains came, the Cortina shoes suffered the brunt. Perhaps the shoes were not built for such a weather; but when the Cortina met water much too often, the front of the shoe opens up like the mouth of a fish when it is caught on a hook. Funny thing then was; some students still came to school every day with the open-mouthed Cortina shoe and ended up having their socks look muddy especially during the rainy season.

It’s funny how time has passed and with it disappeared the Cortina shoes. Students and pupils transited to Kito shoes and Trekkers and now wear whatever footwear they like to school. It could pass for school and church-going purposes but back then, you had shoes for church and the Cortina or basket sandals for school.

Time indeed flies!
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