Tuesday, February 19, 2013

On Pistorius and um... death!

Who says the world isn't gradually coming to an end eh?

News of strange happenings in this country and beyond make one sit down and shiver at the ease with which people's lives end. You heard about singer Goldie's death abi? It actually came as a shock to me considering I had just viewed a picture of her and Richard Mofe-Damijo at the Grammys.

Just when the media is still filled with news on her passing, her suddenly turned up hubby and the cause of her death, Pistorius goes and kills his girlfriend. To think I had marvelled at how wonderful technology is to create an artificial limb for this dude that enables him sprint better than me who has two legs and thought him lucky... didn't know he had such a dark side!

Okay, am reading the stories on this murder and am thinking to myself that this fellow must think we are all high on something to believe he thought the pretty babe was an intruder. First, according to the international media, the girl was in her nightgown which meant she didn't just play a James Bond and sneak into his apartment prompting him to think she was an intruder. Second, what sort of intruder walks in and poses sexily unarmed giving a civilian the time to grab his gun from the holster and fire not once or twice but four times...

He better be convicted for this crime to teach other people who get high on steroids and think a human is just an object that can be dismantled at anytime!

Now back to weird happenings in Nigeria. A man alleged to be a kidnapper has after his girlfriend discovered he was a kidnapper, successfully eliminated her and many members of her household in Lagos with an AK 47 Assault rifle. Did you hear the weapon I mentioned? Not Egbe Awka o! AK 47... that kind they use in acting action movies!

He is on the run after killing at least 5 people from the girlfriends household including his love by the way!

You know, the news of killings and death I hear these days make me dizzy and I wonder if it does others.

It is indeed a cause for worry that these generation of children are growing up with all of these bad news greeting them everyday.

Let us try as much as possible to keep our kids sane with the word of God and shield them from this violence that is threatening to tip the world over.
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