Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The journey so far

Okay, I totally have no excuse for bailing for the past weeks like I did but this is wishing that after some explanations, I may be forgiven.

You see, as the Christmas breeze was blowing all and sundry, a bit of it got to me too. Normally, I am not supposed to be ranting today without first posting some Bollywood sweetings but again, give me a pass today please.

So, I travelled with my family by road to the east for the festivities and boy did that journey rack my nerves. First and foremost, I had to wake up really early for someone who loves her sleep. Then I woke my poor baby too to prepare for the movement. All this was in a bid to hit the road on time, avoid traffic and get to Imo State earlier than normal but then again, the saying still goes 'Man proposes, God disposes'.

We set off with my hubby at the wheel and me and my little soon snoring away few hours after movement. I kept waking and sleeping back hoping each time that we may have covered a reasonable distance by the time I forced my eyes open. Imagine my suprise at 9.00am when I opened my eyes to see my hubby driving into a mechanic. We were just at Ore.

'What happened?" I asked. " The exhaust and brake pads have got issues" was hubby's response. Long story short, we spent another 2 hours, 30 minutes fixing it with those money-sucking Ore mechanics demanding cash as though we had a tree of money planted in the booth of our car. That Ore road sha! Bumps everywhere psheew!

So after wasting all that time, we eventually took off but we also didn't escape the traffic jam just before the Niger Bridge at Onitsha. What didn't help was that my son who wasn't used to sitting that long in a car was throwing tantrums and making me wish I could just shut him up for a while. If I had some syrup that aided sleep, I probably would have slipped him some.

Somehow we made it home before 7pm and had a blast at the village. Okay, lemme explain my own idea of a blast: waking up, doing the normal house chores, going out to greet lots and lots of kinsmen, cooking for the house, eating, sleeping, gisting and the most excruciating part, chasing after my son all day long since he delighted in packing sand and pouring into his punk hair.

Each time I had to wash his hair, I wasted a large amount of the water washing off sand from his hair. Talk of his clothes; they made me almost weep when I had to wash them. He was like a caged animal suddenly let loose to play in the outdoors.

Well, when it was time to return to Lagos, I was sorry the break was over. When we hit the road again, it was absolute hell just before Ore. We were stuck in traffic another two hours. I think it was probably because those fixing the road chose that moment to start their repairs.

It is back to Lagos. Back to the craze that is Eko. Back to work. Back to mad traffic and definitely back to my blogging.

2013 is definitely a year I believe is filled with great things. I have a strong feeling we will be ending this year on a very very good note. I am not a Prophet but I know good things come to those who believe.

Have a great and productive week pals!
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