Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Bollywood Tuesday: Pyaar Impossible – Chasing after love(2)

Happy Tuesday folks...

Not much pleasantries today, let's just get on with it. The first part of this installment can be viewed here.

Here goes...

Abhay is glued to the spot as he stares at Alisha. She looks different but in a very good way. Maturity had done a beautiful job on her. She wore her hair in a short bob now as against the flowing hair she had years ago and she looked absolutely amazing in her very short corporate wear. Yes, he is staring at Alisha and the flood of emotions he has bottled in for years threaten to overcome him.

While he still basks in the happiness of seeing her, she suddenly goes into the building bringing his fantasy and happiness to a sudden halt. He makes to follow her but holds back. He afterwards gives in to curiosity and the need to really meet Alisha when he sees her suddenly come out again from the office to flag down a cab. He wonders what the hurry is all about but when she gets into the cab, he hops another and follows her. 

When she alights at her beautiful bungalow, Abhay is amazed at how well she has done for herself but his awe is short-lived when he beholds an angry woman looking haggard storming out of the apartment despite pleas from Alisha and a cute little girl looking mischievous in the background. It dawns on him he is looking at Alisha, a wife and a mother. But where is her husband?

He is taken aback. While he mourns his broken heart, he realizes Alisha is in a fix and needs help. The woman who had stormed out of the house was her nanny who having had enough of the mischief and troubles of her 6 year old daughter had decided to quit same day she started. This is the fifth nanny to dump the job due to the child’s character. Alisha calls the agency that sends her nannies but they tell her no nanny is willing to work with her. She pleads for one that can stay for just that day so that she can hurry back to work and attend her meeting and after much pleading, the agency agrees reluctantly to send someone.

By then, Abhay who has gotten some encouragement from his dad and decided to man up and introduce himself to Alisha comes up and rings the door bell. When Alisha opens the door and sees him, she is so excited. So the agency has indeed sent someone so fast on such short notice. When Abhay speaks his name, she shakes his hands and ushers him in. Not waiting for him to speak further, she tells him she didn’t expect the agency to send a male but since he is around and she trusts the agency, she is happy and can go back to work. She proceeds to show him all he needs to know to take care of her daughter till she got back in the evening. After showing him everything, Abhay makes to tell her the truth about who he is but seeing how happy she is at having a nanny to stand in and also seeing as he has made no success on retrieving his software, he decides to play along with her.

His stay with Tanya Merchant, Alisha’s daughter was hell on earth as the little girl does every evil thing in her power to chase him away. Though a sweet girl, Tanya doesn’t want a nanny taking care of her. She believes she can take good care of herself. All her pranks and antics did nothing to scare Abhay away as he is a very patient fellow. When Alisha gets home that evening, she expects to have Abhay storm out in anger but is surprised to see them both playing. She is surprised and happy. She pleads with Abhay to return again the next day. He thinks about it and she takes his hesitation for request for more money, so she immediately adds that she would double the money she paid to the other nannies.

His need for this closeness with Alisha and the bond he has seen himself forming with Tanya compel him to accept the offer. He agrees to become the nanny. His hours are fixed and he leaves each day to his hotel room when Alisha returns.

Meanwhile, at Pinnacle, Alisha’s company, a very handsome young man had offered them a software they could not resist. He is coming to make a presentation on what the software could do for them and Alisha, the Head of marketing was among the top management present for the meeting. 

Sidhu on getting to Pinnacle could not keep his eyes off Alisha all through the presentation. Afterwards, the company agrees to sign the deal that makes the software legally theirs. The deal would cost billions.

He was selling for billions, software he stole from Abhay to Alisha’s company. Would Abhay forget his mission to Singapore and concentrate on being a nanny while his life-long work is traded by a criminal?

Well, let’s see what happens next Tuesday!
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