Monday, December 17, 2012

Married but going ring-less

It really bugs me this commitment thing. I grew up knowing that when a man got married to a woman, the physical symbol that tells the whole world they are taken is the wedding band but recently, it seems that orientation had taken the back seat.
I also seem to notice that this trend of dumping the wedding band sometime in the marriage is applicable to the men and rarely the women. Well, correct me if am wrong.

My opinion of men who don’t wear their wedding rings is that they are unfaithful and don’t regard their spouse but again I have seen scores whose wedding rings shine like its polished everyday but they cheat like there is no tomorrow. This then begs my question today: Irrespective of a person’s lifestyle and beliefs, are they required to wear their wedding bands once they say ‘I do’?
Call me old fashioned or anything else but I am of the belief that it is a sign of respect to one’s spouse when the wedding ring is worn. It seems to say, ‘Am married and proud of it and my spouse’.

I recently met a charming young man in the company of my colleagues. He is what you can call young and well-to-do and was a good talker. He was bugging my male colleague who happens to be his very good friend to get married. When he said that, on impulse I and my girlfriend looked at his hands but saw no wedding band. My friend wanted to know why someone who wasn’t married would bother another to get married and so she asked if he was married. He said he was and with two kids.
When we asked where his wedding band was, he said he didn’t know. He said he wore it for just two weeks after his wedding. My friend and I being the females we are showed our disagreement with his ideals. He maintained that his father never wore a wedding ring and that the responsibilities he had as a married man would show more than the ring that he was married.
I know that many men think this way too while there are some that have some ulterior motives for dumping their wedding rings.
I still wonder silently what the world would look like if every married person (male or female) dumps the wedding band and goes about bare fingered.
I think there is a reason wearing of the wedding band was initiated in the first place as a sign of the bond of marriage but obviously, people don’t regard that reason anymore.
For the men and women who don’t wear their wedding rings, can you please share your reason? Will you mind if your better-half also dumps theirs?

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