Friday, September 28, 2012

What crazy thing have you done for love?

Bruno Mars sang it like he meant it. How many people will indeed catch a grenade for the one they love? Poets write it like its easy; how readily will one die if the person they love leave them?

Michael Bolton crooned it like his life was about to end saying ' How am I supposed to live without you'; wasn't he alive before that person came into the picture? 

Many times I watch movies and see a lot of people doing really brave and dare I say crazy things for the one they love.

You know, stuff like dying for a lover; starving for a lover; putting a lover before oneself, painting buildings with 'Will you marry me' inscriptions and more… and it got me thinking of how far one can go for love.

In Nigeria, that extremity is rare. We seem the kind that does not believe in love being blind. In fact, our own love wears medicated eyeglasses with walking stick. 

I once came across a man whom I asked if he could die for his wife. I painted him a scenario of what happened in Titanic where Jack died to save Rose so that he could better get my point. 

He looked at me like I was insane and erupted, ‘So that I will die and she will just marry someone else and forget me instantly. What do I tell Angel Gabriel killed me when I get to heaven’s gate’.

I laughed so much at his response but later thought of it. Will it be downright crazy to die for the one you love or will it prove 100% your love and devotion?

A girl once in the name of love spent so much money on a man who later dumped her for another woman after 4 years and everyone blamed her for being so foolish and not seeing the writings on the wall.

The other day, I heard a former colleague of mine on radio reading a very elongated love poem to his girlfriend; after which he proposed to her on air. Dan Foster thought that was a very brave and romantic act especially in a place like Nigeria. Some people will think it crazy but hey, women like that sorta thing! 

What is the craziest thing you have done for love?
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