Friday, September 28, 2012

In my sleep...

As sum peopu dey nid alarm clock to take wake up fo morning… me I no need am o!  The family wey dey live upstairs fo ma compound na my alarm clock!

I like to sleep… a lot and I don’t joke with my sleep o. Most nights I go to bed, I seem to somehow dream more than five different dreams. For some of them, I go be one big lady eh… I even dream one time say I dey yarn with Obama and im wife for the White house. Wetin we dey talk, I no know… 

As the yarn prolong, na aim rain start to fall… na so we three take off make rain for no beat us o! The next place the race carry us go come be my backyard for village.

For inside the same dream o, I come dey ask Obama how we take  reach here we fly? … na im I con dey hear woman voice dey shout  ‘ Chibuike!!!!! Chibuike!!!!! You are mad there’.. Haba!

Na so I con dey turn dey find the Chibuike o! As I turn for inside dream, na so I turn for bed come open eye… but I no see Obama and im wife again. As I wan hiss carry head nack fo pillow, I con hear ‘Chibuike!!!!’ again! I use speed open eye… e con be say na dis my neighbor dey hala for her pikin around 4am for morning. Dis peopu no go kill peson! 

Evri day, na so dem dey spoil fine fine dream dem wey I dey enjoy! 

Somehow, I don’t seem to have those kinda dreams where masquerade chase people in slow motions with huge matchetes as Nollywood depict. In fact, in my dreams, I tend to somehow become super strong. Once, I fought a man that insulted me and wanted to beat me up in my dream. If you see flying eh! I just dey jump dey land like those peopu wey dey  Croaching Tiger, Hidden dragon.…when I opened my eyes, I was smiling. The whole day had me full of smiles and feeling like some kung-fu expert.

I am yet to learn how to drive very well but I tell you, I am an expert driver in my dreams. I am so convinced that if I get behind the wheels, I can even win driving competitions…lol

Dreams eh! Na so my hubby watch Al Jazeera finish during dat time wey Libya peopu wan kill diaself, na so my guy begin dream of battle field o! I yab am tire for one whole week!
There are those people whose dreams come true and they rarely dream but those of us wey our dream na film-trick; na we dey dream every day by day…psheww!!!

If to say my dream dey happen eh, by now I for don get moni pass Adenuga and on top of dat, become Jet Li and Lewis Hamilton sef… No try me for my dream o…I too much!

PS: My pidgin is not perfect but I be Naija proper so I have to try! Lol
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