Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Cut, cut, cut! Off go Terry G and Waconzy’s dreads

It looks like Nigerian artistes and performers rocking dreadlocks had a secret meeting because they are all tossing the locks for low-cut hairs. I must say they look good without.
Terry G looking different

Faze started the engine of the ‘shave the dreads’ train last year and appeared looking much cuter and then Timaya followed suit. Comedian Basketmouth made sure the train didn’t leave him as he ‘reduced’ his locks. The latest passengers aboard that train are Pop artistes Terry G and Waconzy as they have made public photos showing their brand new look without the dreadlocks.

According to NET, Waconzy called his new look ‘Waconzy 2.0’ and he even added a touch of blonde to his hair. He looks way finer now and to me much younger. Terry G ever the ‘Krazy’ artiste said NO to a clean cut and opted for a low ‘Mo-Hawk’ look.
Waconzy looks like a boy here o!

Is there something in the air that we are unaware of? Are there new albums waiting to drop? Call it rebranding, call it reinventing…. I kinda love the trend.
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