Monday, September 24, 2012

Dear Lord...

When I felt like a failure
When I hurt so much that I felt like giving up
When I felt hopeless,
I remembered what you said to me

At that moment, I feel like I can do anything and everything
At that moment, I have every reason to look forward to a new day
At that moment, I look towards a future filled with hope

I know a lot of people
Who may or may not be there for me when I need them
But I am always assured of your unfailing presence

I am but a human but you know me by name and care for me more than I care for myself
When I don't believe in myself; you believe in me
When the world conspires against me,
You shame them by lifting me up
When I get scared for anything, you remind me not to fret

You specifically told me in the book of Mark 11:22-24
That all I need to do when I pray is believe
And EVERYTHING I want will be given me
I feel so good when I read that verse
Because I know that you are not man, so you cannot lie

I write with the knowledge that nothing I say or do is enough
To thank you for what you have done and are still doing

In my unfaithfulness, you have been faithful
In my forgetfulness, you have remembered me
In my sorrow, you have poured in joy to my life

There is really not enough words to say thanks
But here I am Lord
Appreciating your undying love and mercies!
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