Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Rocking weird-looking shoes

There are shoes and there are shoes…

At least Lady Gaga has proven that much by the many strange looking shoes she comes out with.

Many shoe lovers have explored the world of foot wears, rocking them and moving on to new ones as the day goes by but there are some kind of shoes that will even make some shoe lovers scream ‘Nah-ah… ain’t wearing that’.

It’s interesting to know that people’s creativity go haywire by the day in the creation of master-piece, absurd looking shoes and what is even more interesting is that many people patronize them; otherwise they wouldn’t be making more.

Fearless ladies not afraid of toppling and landing face-down or looking strange will definitely have no qualms rocking some of these shoes below.

You love dogs? Maybe this one designed to look like dog paws by Kobi Levi and called Kobi Levi’s doggie high heels will catch your eye.

Women! We dey wear shoes o; one day na the one wey be like human being we go dey wear!

View more of the shoes after the cut...

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