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Bollywood Tuesday - Humraaz: A story of love and hate (3)

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I want to continue the Humrazz story today and hope the installment finishes soon since I do not want to tire you with extremely long posts all at once. That’s the major reason for the drag…sorry about that.

Please if you are just joining the train, kindly go here for Part 1 and here for Part 2 to fully grasp the beginning of the saga.

Okay, let’s get to it…

Jealousy is written all over Karan’s face upon his realization that Raj has an eye for his girlfriend but who is he to question a multi-millionaire like Raj. He swallows his anger and pretends like he noticed nothing.
Raj and Priya.... He was imagining this one sha!

That same night, Karan’s crew performs for the very first time. Throughout the course of the performance, Raj has eyes only for Priya. He stares and doesn’t care if anyone notices.

After the third leg of the engaging dance spiced up with exemplary costumes and choreography, the crew is sure they have impressed. While they talk about their performance over some drinks, a man arrives bearing a huge bunch of rose flowers with a note attached to it. 

It was from Raj inviting Priya over for dinner. Everyone is excited when the content of the note is read but Priya maintains she wouldn’t go. She was considering her boyfriend’s reaction but suddenly Karan tells her to go. He doesn’t want to offend Raj so that their cruise wouldn’t be cut short. Harry all this while has been monitoring every move by the duo. He is wondering to himself the reason Karan cannot see that Raj was making a move on his girl. He keeps mum since he has no one to share his thoughts with.

In the evening, Priya shows up for dinner with Raj looking breath-takingly beautiful. Raj is swept off his feet and did not hesitate to convey his admiration.

They talk about a few things and soon the same music Priya unknowingly danced to on her first meeting with Raj starts playing. She recognizes it and before she can voice anything, Raj tells her it is his favorite music.

He asks her to dance and she agrees. They move together in rhythm with Raj holding her as delicately as possible. He stares into her eyes drinking in all of its features and getting lost in them.

Soon, the dance is cut short when Raj gets a call from his grandmother. He is so enchanted by Priya that he doesn’t waste any time in introducing her to his granny as his friend. She is taken aback since Raj has never introduced a woman to her before. So she asks Raj to bring her along when he is returning.
Priya coming down to join Raj for dinner

After that dinner, Raj thought of nothing else but Priya. The next day, while her colleagues go out to see the city, Priya decides to stay back. She says she didn’t feel like it and asked Karan to get her something while coming back.

But when the crew leaves, Raj surfaced looking excited. He takes Priya after so much conviction; in his car to show her the city. When he stops at a restaurant to eat, he realizes she is not wearing a foot wear. He asks why and she says she is taking the pain to ensure that their cruise is a success (more like a fast). That singular act strikes a chord with Raj who is fast falling in love with her. He removes his own shoes and tells her he can do so much for her if she could do what she did for her crew’s success.

They eventually stop by a fast-food joint that didn’t require formal dressing unlike the restaurant they had previously been to. There, Raj imagined a life-time of love with Priya. There, he is convinced without a shadow of doubt that he would love this woman till eternity.

When they get back aboard the yacht, Karan and his crew were just getting in. Harry upon spotting Priya chatting happily with Raj, taps Karan to attention. Karan looks at them and his demeanor changes.

He still doesn’t question Priya but the next thing that happened rocked Karan and even Harry to their senses.
The next day is Priya’s birthday and Karan surprises her that morning with a brand new red dress. She is so happy and adorns herself with it. She again appears gorgeous in her get-up. Karan tells her to hurry and join the crew since they prepared a cake and are all there to celebrate with her.

When she is ready, she sets out to meet her crew. As she leans in to press the buttons on the lift, the door swings open and there stands Raj in all his 6ft glory, looking damn fine in an Italian suit. He produces a rose flower from behind him crooning ‘Happy Birthday Priya’. She is surprised that he even knows her birthday but he tells her he saw it since it was a requirement to be filled by all onboard the yacht.

He proceeds to tell her to come with him. She tries to stammer out that her crew are waiting but he cuts her short saying they would join in. they get to a big hall and the door opens to hundreds of people singing a Happy birthday song to Priya.

She is overwhelmed and surprised but is grateful. The cake Raj has ready for her is three times that which Karan and the crew have.

Karan and the crew are agitated by her long absence and wonder where she is but they didn’t wonder for long. Raj’s assistant approaches them to tell them they are invited to Priya’s birthday party.

Harry there and then calls Karan’s attention to the fact that Priya was drifting away from him and towards Raj. Not wanting any such insinuations, Karan shrugs it off and heads off to the party.

Raj, so happy with loving Priya and being totally unaware of her relationship with Karan meets the crew and welcomes them. He particularly takes a liking to Karan seeing as it is through him bringing the crew that he met Priya.

Priya pours more petrol in the already raging furnace when she cut the cake and instead of giving a piece of it to Karan (as her boyfriend) to take a bite, she gives it to Raj.

Karan performs with his team and his look is gloomy all through. When the party ends, Raj takes Priya out to the balcony and tells her he is yet to give her a gift.

He presents a beautiful gift box to Priya and when he opened it, there lay nestled within a diamond engagement ring. Raj immediately pops the question.

Jeez….. My fingers are paining me o! I will continue again next week Tuesday so that you see how this drama unfolds.

See ya fellas! Muah!
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