Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Nigerian Flamingoes beat Azerbaijan 11 - 0 – Talk about beating senseless

Yay!!! I am not a football person but for the love I have for my hubby I try to watch. But then, I am exhilarated by what the Flamingoes are doing to their female counterparts from Azerbaijan in the FIFA Under 17 Women World Cup.

Eleven nil to nothing?  I mean 11-0? Wow!

This means that Nigeria has equaled the record set by South Korea against Gambia yesterday with same scores.

These babes have got the swagger and dare I say skills.

A guy was so surprised he exclaimed, ‘is my TL deceiving me? Am seeing Nigeria 11-o ***washing my face wit urine***.’ So funny!

These Azerbaij….. (However it is pronounced) babes will each carry one naught on their heads home.

Mighty proud of these babes! Well-done ladies…
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