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Bollywood Tuesday - Humko Tumse Pyaar Hai : When Love hurts (3)

Happy Tuesday peepz... No too much talk. Let's get down to the matter at hand! Just in case you are reading this, you might wanna read the first and second parts...

Rohit staggers to the door with eyes fixed on Durga. He can’t believe this is happening to him. He whirls around and heads outside. He finds a quiet corner and there, cries his heart out. Raj searches for Rohit and not finding him, goes outside to look for him. He sees him alone and asks what the matter is. Rohit tells him he is just happy for him and overcome with so much emotion. But in truth, his heart is silently breaking!

After the engagement, Raj tells his bride-to-be about his long lost friend who just returned and she decides to meet him. The following day, Raj and Durga go to the temple to meet with Rohit. Durga first decides to say her prayers before meeting with Rohit and so Raj goes along without her. After her prayers, she goes to meet Rohit but she is surprised that no matter how wide her smile, he refuses to say a word. He just greets her by putting his palms together the Indian respectful way.

Durga shifts out with her fiancĂ© and asks why his friend appears so withdrawn and quiet. Raj not understanding it himself tells her it’s probably because of his lost love and the accident he recovered from. Rohit hadn’t wanted to speak because Durga may recognize his voice.
They start walking away with Rohit behind them giving them some distance. But a child bumps into Rohit and makes to fall so Rohit has to speak to the child. The minute he says the words, it filters into Durga’s ears and she turns around in shock. She follows the voice and sees it belongs to Rohit. She is confused and scared because that is Babu’s voice. There is doubt but her heart tells her she is not mistaken.
Raj had asked Rohit to move into a room in his mansion instead of staying in a hotel until he finds his footing financially, so the couple has a guest.
Durga is still curious as to the voice she heard, so she goes to the room where Rohit is staying. He is reading when she quietly opens the door. She stands by the door and calls him ‘Babu’ (the name she called him when they met). She repeats the name severally but Rohit pretends not to hear or even understand what she is saying. She sighs and calls him Rohit. He turns instantly and she tells him what she came for.
Somehow, she thinks this fellow is Babu but on the other hand, physical trials have proved her wrong. But fate has a way of deciding what happens and it does in this case…
Raj and Durga spend a lot of time with each other and each time they are together, there are series of hugs, kisses and sweet words. These loving actions torment Rohit and he closes his ears amidst tears. He cannot ruin the life of his best friend whose parents almost practically raised him for his own purpose.
One day, while he read in his room the lights go off. He frantically goes in search of a candle stand and Durga at the same time is searching for the same thing. They bump into each other in the dark and Durga unconsciously runs her palms over his face. The moment that happens, the light is restored and she sees it is Rohit. Rohit immediately walks away fast as she calls out to him. That act rouses in her an undeniable feeling of rightness. She always ran her fingers over Babu’s face when they were together and that is how she got about molding his bust which got destroyed in a fire.
She immediately runs to her pottery room which she had abandoned and starts molding. She is trying to recreate the bust she had made of her Babu to see if there is a resemblance to Rohit. She tries and tries but she cannot get it right. She then remembers she was blind when she made the sculpture, so she tears off a part of her Sari and ties her eyes with it. She then proceeds to perfectly mould the same face she had molded years before.
When she is done with all the fine details and is convinced in her heart she has recreated the destroyed sculpture, she unties her eyes and stares in shock at her handiwork. Right there before her is the exact clay replica of Rohit. She hadn’t been wrong after all. When she turns towards the door, she sees Rohit standing there and looking at her.
With tears streaming down her face, she accuses him of insensitivity. She is angry that he knew all the while about them and didn’t say anything. She then tells him that she will cancel the wedding with Raj immediately since he is back. He refuses and tells her it is the most unfair treatment to mete out to Raj. He tries to make her see reason but she is adamant insisting that her opinion had to be considered in the entire process.
When Rohit sees she is beyond reason, he tells her to pack her bags that instant and elope with him ignoring the wedding which is to hold the next day; so that Raj can die of heart ache and betrayal… he is daring her to see the extent of her feelings for another human being. She feels defeated because she knows she cannot cause that sort of feeling for a good man like Raj but she tells Rohit that she may marry Raj but her heart beats for him alone.
The next day, the bride is dressed in her wedding regalia, beautified with the henna and her bangles and rings. She just stares into space even as the women who dressed her oohed and aahed at how absolutely gorgeous she looks. She is oblivious of the comments as she battles with the hurt that threatened to tear her heart to pieces. She will be marrying someone while the man she pledged her heart and soul to is living. That hurt her beyond measures.
The hall is set and the invitees are all there waiting for the ceremony to start. Soon it does, with singing and dancing which is synonymous with the Indian tradition. The groom shows up flanked by his best friend Rohit. They both sing and dance as they await the presence of the bride. The sound of Rohit’s voice further breaks Durga’s heart especially the wordings of the song. He is repeating the same love words as Raj but he means every word. When Durga is dressed and ready, the women bring her out and as she makes to come down the stairs, due to her lack of concentration, she trips. The speed with which Rohit runs to her side to halt the fall is amazing as even the groom is surprised. When he has balanced her, he shifts away instantly to avoid any more suspicion.
But Raj does not give him the chance. He walks out of the hall and returns pointing a gun at his best friend. In tears, he tells the crowd all he has observed since his friend’s return. He accuses him of coming and enticing his bride to love him so much that she even made a sculpture of him. He orders for the sculpture to be presented to all present. When the sculpture is before them, everyone especially Raj’s parents are surprised because they knew Rohit since when he was a boy and didn’t think him capable of such enormous betrayal.
Rohit is silent as he endures all the insults and accusations. How could he be accused of enticing a woman that was his to begin with? He doesn’t say a word which in turn appears to all as though he is in the wrong. But Durga cannot take it anymore. She yells out telling Raj that Rohit is her Babu that she told him about when they met. She tells him of Rohit’s love for him that he decided to give up his own love for his friend’s happiness. She damns the crowd and tells Raj that even if she marries him, her soul, heart and body will forever belong to Rohit. She is furious at the accusation and lets the crowd know that she would still have been blind had it not been for her Babu.  She is raving and shouting when suddenly Raj starts clapping. She is surprised.
It had been Raj’s plan all along to get her to speak the truth to the world. Raj walks up to his father and tells him ‘I told you that I would make her say the truth.’ He had suspected from the moment Durga reacted to Rohit’s voice and had kept a close watch on them. He wants to hear from Durga just how much she loves Rohit and to see if any of the two would betray him. His eyes well up with tears as he tells them he cannot take away their love. He now knows how faithful Durga and Rohit are to him and he wouldn’t trade it for anything.
He hugs the two of them while tying the end of her Sari to the scarf around Rohit’s neck in the marriage ritual. Everyone is in tears as they applaud. They had witnessed true love and devotion and as Rohit and Durga walk round the sacred fire reciting marital vows, everyone prays along with them throwing in flowers.
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