Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Bollywood Tuesday - Humraaz: A story of love and hate (2)

Dear reader, before you read this Part 2, please click HERE to read the first part so that you can follow the story.

You’ve done that? Okay then, let’s continue on the journey of Karan, Priya and Raj…

After he escapes, Karan is worried sick. When they gather the next day for dance rehearsals, Harry keeps looking Karan’s way wondering what would happen next; and soon something does.

The telephone starts ringing annoyingly bringing everyone to a halt. Karan’s glance falls on the device with fear written all over his face. He wonders  if his crime had been found out. He wonders  if it was the cops calling even as Priya sways to pick up the phone.

Karan holds his breath as Priya turns with surprise written all over her face. At that moment, Karan and even Harry are convinced it has to do with the Jojo’s murder and their looks urge Priya to spit the message of the caller out. So she does.

The caller had called to inform them of their acceptance as the on-board entertainment crew for the Singhania Group cruise as Jojo, the team leader for the chosen team had died in an accident thus disqualifying the team.

Relief floods Karan as he sweeps his beloved into his arms amidst cheers from the team. Harry is overjoyed and hence holds his tongue on exposing Karan since right then he believed it was for the good of the team.
As the day comes for the much anticipated cruise, the team in high spirits confident of their moves and choreography join the teeming cruise boarders.

They rant and chat on a round table as they appreciate the beauty of the yacht. Priya suddenly gets thirsty and moves to get a drink for herself and her boyfriend, Karan. She had just picked up the cup of tea and glass of orange juice when she feels a tugging on her long carribean-like skirt. She brings her beautiful face down to see what was going on and almost jumps out of her skin at the sight of a puppy seriously biting on. She is allergic and scared of dogs and so not minding the crowd and what they would think of her, drops the cups and heads for the nearest exit.

The dog becomes excited as it thinks they are playing a game and goes in hot pursuit. She gets to the only possible exit and runs in. It was an office compartment on the cruise and when she got in, shutting the door behind her, she realizes the dog had made a mess of the skirt as she sees her reflection in the mirror on the door (she didn’t realize that the person inside the office could see the person on the other side as clear as day).

Raj, 33 years of age and the owner of Singhania Group of companies was inside his office when he hears an unfamiliar bang. He stands up to see what is happening when he is held spell-bound by Priya’s beauty. Priya is oblivious of the scrutiny by Raj and decides to amend the tears on her skirt by ripping off the bottom section to make it a mini skirt. She is happy with what she sees in the mirror but notices her hose is torn as well. This she removes and realizing then that a sweet music was playing in the background, proceeds to dance to the music while admiring herself in the mirror.

Raj stares on in amazement and admiration while shaking his head in disbelief at the beauty and childishness of the lady.

He opens the door abruptly bringing Priya’s beauty dance to a stop. She stares surprisingly at him while looking behind to see if he noticed her act.

He greets her but she stammers back as her face is flushed with embarrassment. She keeps stuttering so much that she could not deliver one meaningful sentence as Raj smiles on. She then bends, picks up her littered clothings and shoes and heads for the door. Before she could make her escape, Raj calls her back to take her neck-chain which had fallen during her dress-fixing saga.

As she flees, Raj stares at her. He hadn’t seen anyone as beautiful as her and wondered where she came from.

He didn’t wonder for long because the next day while he answered a call from his grandmother who raised him, walking one hand in pocket beside the swimming pool, he spots Priya diving into the pool. He quickly ends the call to fully take in every stroke she made in the water and the perfection that she was.

He is still staring when Karan comes up to re-introduce himself to him. He reminds him of their first meeting just before the competition and tells him how happy he is that they made it to the cruise. He is still rambling when he notices that Raj’s gaze and attention is elsewhere. He follows the gaze and it falls on his girlfriend, Priya. Karan is taken aback with shock written all over his face.

Let’s continue this ride next week Tuesday….
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