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Bollywood Tuesday - Humraaz: A story of love and hate

Word has reached me that some people don't like watching Bollywood movies. And so I thought I'd do some kind of introduction, and talk about the unfolding of action in some films. Let's start with "Humrazz," which stars Bobby Deol and Akshay Khanna...

Priya is a young woman with no background; she has only her boyfriend and friends. One thing striking about her is, she could only be described on first sight as beautiful. She is a great dancer and has a dance group comprising her boyfriend and friends. Karan, the boyfriend, heads the group, which is looking for an opportunity to hit the big time.

That opportunity comes when the multi-million dollar Singhania Group of Companies organises a ship cruise and want on-board entertainment. Karan registers his group, one of four picked overall.

Overjoyed, Priya and Karan embark on intensive rehearsals with their group, knowing they face stiff competition from the others. Day and night, they rehearse. Irrespective of the weather, they rehearse. Then the big day comes, and the Singhania Group will choose the best team.

Karan and his group ensure their costumes are out of this world; and that their steps are up to it. They board a bus, and head for the venue. As the first competitors dance, Karan's group hold their breaths. Then the second group, and finally the third.

Finally, it is Karan's turn to take the stage with his group. The choreography is so good and the dance so superb that Jojo is afraid of being out-danced. Jojo looks around and, seeing that everyone is engrossed in the dance, slips a coin out of his pocket. Karan sees his rival with the coin and becomes suspicious, but must keep dancing.

Jojo bends and rolls the coin onto the stage. A female dancer steps on the rolling coin and loses her balance. The judges have no choice but to announce Jojo's group as the winners. Karan's protests fall on deaf ears. He confronts Jojo, who laughs in his face. "Everything is fair in love, game and politics my friend," Jojo gloats.
Everyone goes home, but Karan stays back at the dance studio.
Harry, one of the choreographers, afraid Karan would commit suicide, lurks to watch over him. Karan plays the drum and with so much aggression - till he climbs on his bike late at night, riding to Jojo's place - with Harry on his tail.

In Jojo's 20th floor apartment, Karan has a face-off with his rival. When Jojo is done laughing, he mockingly offers Karan a place in his group in exchange for his beautiful girlfriend, Priya. Karan loses his cool and punches him.

Soon they are rolling on the floor like two fighting pandas. Jojo gets pushed a little too hard at one point, and tumbles out of the window. Before Karan knows it, he has committed murder. The only thing he can think of, is escape.

But someone has seen him.
Check in for continuation...

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