Thursday, April 28, 2011

Baby to woman

Each era has its own fads for different things, be it clothing, style or events. As new ones emerge, old fads take the back seat creating a certain cycle.

But the two happenings that have stubbornly glued their behinds to the front seat with no hope of moving anytime soon are the extra-judicial shooting and killing of helpless civilians and of course peadophilia, adults defiling little girls.

These absurd tragedies have become so rampant and commonplace that people hardly pay attention to news reports about them. Recently, I read a story of a 12-year old girl who was raped repeatedly by her father. She suffered this plight silently till she could muster the courage to talk to a woman in her church.

There is yet another case that was reported November 29th in NEXT newspaper of one Mr. Adeoti whose 14 year old daughter was raped and impregnated by his pastor. What was strange about this particular case was that after sometime, the father of the victim, Mr. Adeoti, withdrew the case from the Police saying the misunderstanding between his family and the pastor had been resolved.
He was allegedly told to withdraw the case in the best interest of his daughter who had lost her mother. Instead of following up on the case to make sure he got justice for his daughter, he cowered. Lest I forget, the pastor was said to have resumed his duties at the Spiritual Gift Church of God. Life goes on!

Sadly, these are just two of the many stories of incest and paedophilic acts that I have read about in the past six months.

Innocence is stolen from young girls at very tender age before they even have the chance of becoming adults. It's straight from being a baby to a sexually preyed adult.

This act of paedophilia is not meant to be a norm but somehow, it is gradually becoming commonplace.
As I write this, I still cannot fathom what is so sexually attractive in a child with a flat chest and curve-less body that would get a grown man so aroused to the point of having intercourse with her.

Disturbingly, three out of these unfortunate stories I have read had the perpetrator accusing the little girl of seducing him.

One man in particular who had taken his daughter away from her mother in the village just so she doesn't get "spoilt" by randy young village men ended up being the perpetrator of the dastardly act he was protecting his daughter from.

In fact, he said his daughter seduced him by sleeping next to him naked. This particular reason for the man's incestuous act baffles me beyond the rest. Even if he actually got aroused, couldn't he have quelled the insane hunger considering the girl in question isn't just a minor but his very own daughter? In this day and age when it is assumed that women outnumber men, why could these perpetrators not have gone for a grown woman or visited cheap whore houses? Why this inhuman appetite for little girls?

A friend of mine said that these men who defile little girls are possessed by demons and I tend to agree with her. Now, mothers (especially those who know of the increase in this reprehensible act) are scared of letting their daughters anywhere near men or even boys. Some mothers even think twice before leaving their daughters alone with close relatives because as they say, it is better to be safe than sorry.

And the sad thing about these not so new developments is that it has demonised all men in the eyes of mothers with daughters. But we must remember that not all men are paedophiles despite the high level of child rapes these days.

The more important issues that should concern mothers and those that care about these victims are: What will become of these little angels that were defiled before they even saw their first menstrual flow? What stigma are they left to grow with?

It won't be surprising to see many growing up with hatred for men and never trusting any. Some are likely to get infected with diseases, while others are likely to take the extreme route of suicide due to shame and embarrassment.

Moreover, prostitution seems to be growing rapidly in every town and city these days. We may not care what they do with their bodies but who knows the kind of childhood some of them may have had? Were some of them abused by older men when they were kids? A more important question is, whose duty is it to protect these young children from paedophiles? What precautions do you think should be taken to curb this ignoble act? Are these insane men normal?

I urge you to share your thoughts before this becomes a society where all girls (even the new-born girls) are abused before they have even become toddlers. You never know whom your thoughts and advice might help.

Originally published in on December 24, 2010
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