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Bollywood Tuesday - Humko Tumse Pyaar Hai : When Love hurts (2)

Happy Bollywood Tuesday people! The ride continues as we learn what happens next in the story of Rohit and Durga… Read the first installment if you are just joining in here

Let’s get to it shall we?
Durga and Rohit

Rana had mobilized men and laid an ambush for Rohit. He falls into their trap and they beat him almost to death. When he had fought with all his might to no avail, he succumbed to the brutality. Rana and his colleahues lift him into his car and rolls it down a cliff into the river. They want to make it look like he drowned. 
As the car rolls, Rohit knows he is dying but has no strength left to jump out of the car; instead, he uses the last bit of energy in him to hold on to Rana as the car speeds past him. The death grip was unbreakable as he takes Rana along with him to the land of the dead.
As the bandage came off, Durga was told the devastating news of Rohit’s death. She demands to see his body but it had been washed off by floods.

The days after were hell for Durga and even the doctor. With Rohit’s death, there is nowhere for Durga to go and so the doctor volunteers to house her. Time and time again, she attempts suicide but is always rescued by the doctor.
The doctor sees that her depression increases with her presence in the town and decides to relocate her. Perhaps, going away would help her get over Rohit, her ‘Babu’.
He moves with her to Switzerland but that doesn’t cure her depression. The fact that she could see even multiplied her grief because the one person for whom she earnestly wished her sight restored was no more.
She spends each day indoor brooding. Nothing amused or excited her and she always wished to be alone. Dr. Prasad tries all he can to make her let go of Rohit’s memory but all efforts proved futile. So when he gets the invitation to attend a party organized for multi-millionaire, Raj, he believes luck may very well shine on his efforts. He knows a lot of people would be there and believes Durga may be forced to mingle.
Durga goes for the party but stands in one corner staring into the swimming pool. Raj, the celebrant is holed in his room. He is not a people person and is not excited to be in the party. He is mourning a lost friend. When the time comes for the celebrant to come out, he does so reluctantly refusing to bask in the arrogance that is associated with the mighty and wealthy. He greets people and makes for a quiet corner to continue his brooding.
His eyes fall on sad Durga and her beauty and serenity calls to him. He heeds the call and goes to meet her but Durga is in no mood for small talk. She ignores him but Dr Prasad shows up at the right time to initiate discussions with an introduction.
Afterwards, something in Raj wakes up and he is no longer moody. He visits Dr Prasads home always hoping to know Durga better; but she is shut off in her own sad and depressed world.
He keeps at it for months and one day, Durga lets go of her annoyance. She yells at him when they are at his house asking to be left alone. She asked to taken home. Raj, who had been told of Durga’s lost love equally loses his cool. He lets her know she is not the only person in mourning. He takes her by the hand leading her into a room in his mansion. He shows her photos of his childhood friend who he lost to death. he tells her that they are best friends but he died in his prime.
Durga is startled as she stares at the stranger’s pictures. She is surprised at how emotional Raj suddenly is and is sorry she yelled at him. Unknown to Durga, the picture she is staring at is the face of her Rohit. She is blissfully unaware of this because she never saw his face for once.
After that encounter, she begins to Raj in but painfully. Soon, Raj who is heads over heels in love with her proposes to her. She tells the doctor who encourages her to say yes. He tells her to purge her memory of Rohit since he is dead and move on. She reluctantly agrees and engagement plans get underway fast.
The day for the engagement comes and everyone is happy. While Raj waits for the time to dance with his bride, he gets a phone call. He is needed urgently at the hospital.
He excuses himself and rushes to the hospital. There, he is told that someone wanted to see him. He moves into the ward and stands in shock at the face before him. Right there in his presence stands Rohit with a bandage wrapped around his head and his beard overgrown. Raj cannot believe it and runs into his arms. His friend has come back to life.
He takes his friend with him and in thecar tells him he is engaged and that the ceremony is still in progress. He is so excited as he tells Rohit one thing after another that he has missed since his disappearance. Rohit on the other hand tells him how he was resued by a man and has since been on admission and in coma.
They talk on until they get to the engagement party. Raj tells Rohit to come and see the woman that has made him the happiest man in the world. Rohit loves his friend and wants the best for him, so he takes a step into the filled hall. He stretches to catch a glimpse of Raj’s woman but since she is dancing, it is pretty hard. But the moment she turns and his eyes dwell on his face, balls of tears well up in his eyes. 
His best friend is getting married to the love of his life…

Find out what happens next week Tuesday okay?

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