Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Throwback Thursday: Nicknames we gave our teachers

Hello everyone! It’s a new day and irrespective of what anyone says or does to you, choose to be happy. I will practice what I preach too…
It’s another episode of Throwback Thursday and I intend to catapult you back to the Primary, secondary and University years. I want us to discuss the teachers we had and the funny names we gave them. We all had that one teacher that we made sure to give a name…come on! You know it’s true!

Back then in secondary school, seeing as I went to an all girls boarding school, it was fun as hell… at least the senior class when I wasn’t being pushed around by the big gals! Lol
We used to have a certain teacher we called Aunty Bam… the name existed after she farted in class. Students claim the sound the fart made was Bam!

From then on, we started referring to her with the name. The name stuck and every new student thought that was her name. Once, a new student saw her passing and respectfully greeted her saying ‘Good Morning Aunty Bam’... The woman held her by the ears asking her to stop calling her that. In pains, the poor girl responded, ‘But what did I do Aunty Bam’?

The woman hit her screaming; ‘She is still saying it!’ but the girl knew no other name. Till we left school, we addressed her with the name because frankly, I didn’t even know her real name.

What of the one we called ‘Cuburoot’! She taught us Mathematics and always pronounced cube root, Cuburoot… so that was the name we called her.

Ehen! How can I forget school ram? He was a youth corper posted then to our school who used to go after everything in skirt. 

I fondly remember ‘Teacup and saucer’… we called him that because he was short and walked with a bounce. Still can’t place the relationship between the name and its description.

I laugh as I remember the one I and my friends called 6’Oclock… he was also a youth corper and dude was so thin that he looked like the hands of the clock when it struck six o’clock!

This is just a few…

Humour us with names you remember your teachers being called back in the days so that we can take the stress off and enjoy one another…
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