Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Nonee features Stay Jay in ‘Alikoto’

For some weeks, a new song has been on the replay in various radio stations in Lagos such as Beat Fm. 

Produced by one of Ghana’s finest Killbeatz , Nonee’s debut single “Alikoto” featuring award-winning Stay Jay is sure a delight.

Some of the artist’s fans have shown him just how much his music is good to the ears on twitter. One of his fans tweeted at him saying “nice track,keep it going"; while others took to promoting the song to their own followers on Twitter. You don’t share a song you don’t like right? 

So sharing the song coupled with the buzz on online media channels and radio stations is definitely a clear indication that “Alikoto” is a song you gotta listen to!

It was dropped in August but I just listened to it and believe there are some like me who are yet to listen to it.

Whatcha think? Listen below…

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