Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Ignoring the writing on the wall

Many times, girls are thrown into avoidable situations and then blame tends to be bounced around. 

I read a story about a girl who went on a date with her male Face book friend and ended up jumping from a three storey building to avoid being raped by him. The one thing that struck me in the story was the fact that she admitted to the guy making sexual advances on the phone and her telling him she was menstruating.

First thing that told me was; the girl had been having discussions pertaining to sex on the phone with this stranger and so he would have expected some action from her when they eventually met. Second thing I realized was; he made it plain to the girl that he would have sex with her before the outing and her coming irrespective of the warning showed she was game.

Now, everyone may want to blame the man but I think a huge chunk of that blame should be thrown at the girl.

Gone are the days when as a girl, you expect to score financially from a guy and use the excuse of being on your menstrual cycle to escape being touched. In some guy’s thinking, he has to get value for his money!

When your discussions with a man especially one you haven’t met get to the point where you stir his loins, do not expect him to sit at one end of the couch and you at another when you eventually are together.

How naïve was the girl to think that after a night of partying with a man who believes they will have sex plus the many alcoholic drinks he had downed and the money he most probably splashed on her, he would put her in a guest room and say goodnight? Very naïve indeed!

I pity her current state but that too could have been avoided. The thirst for fast cash has landed some of our young ladies in places they would never have dreamed of. Oh… the guy sounds rich and so you think you gotta be a part of spending that cash?

Today it is Face book friend, tomorrow it is BBM friend…. What would it be tomorrow? Twitter follower?
It is necessary for our young girls to understand that not every man out there is normal… the newspapers and televisions are rife with news of rapists, murderers, ritualists and kidnappers; so every girl out there should arm themselves with prayers, cautiousness and suspicion.

How can you go on a date with someone you haven’t even met and trust him? In this case, how can you discuss something as serious as sex with an absolute stranger and expect him to treat you like a lady when you meet?

I am saying two things here… Avoid discussing something you do not want to be a part of with anybody and do not trust someone you met on the internet. 

Note: Some people have been lucky enough to meet their spouse on the internet, but not everyone may be that lucky. A word they say is enough for the wise!
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