Monday, October 29, 2012

Guys cook for your ladies

Ladies, how many of you love men that can hold their own in the kitchen? Show of hands!
It’s actually a dream to have a man that can whip up something nice in the kitchen sometimes as a surprise to his woman and at other times, when she cannot for one reason or the other cook.

Many men I am sure object to a man being able to cook because they do not see a man’s place being the kitchen. These set of guys don’t have any qualms with going to the nearby restaurant to have their fill without batting an eyelid as to how much they get to spend on a regular basis. Thing is, they do spend a lot!

Some women also do not want a man who can cook just so that he doesn’t spend all the time criticizing their own cooking.

I have come across lots of guys who learn how to cook but for some reasons. Some learn to cook so that the day their wives punish them by not preparing a meal for them, they can go in there and teach her that they know the drill too. Some others learn how to cook because they hate eating out and also want to be able to assess the culinary skills of their future wife.
I am yet to come across that man who learns to cook just because he wants to be able to treat his woman to some specially made delicacies from time to time. It’s not a crime for a man to cook and many men these days actually love to cook more than women.
A guy in my office actually said his hobby was cooking. He says he can spend hours on end in the kitchen making different delicacies.
I was reading AskChey B’s articles on his blog where he advises women (and men) free of charge and came across a particular post he wrote about men cooking for their ladies. Everything he said there was on point especially the part about a woman definitely reciprocating when you make her feel special. What better way than to cook for her?
This is a man speaking from the viewpoint of males and he is advising the brothers to pamper their women to some nicely cooked home-made meals; while throwing in some hugs, kisses and pecks along the way.
We also love some pampering and show of love…
When I was pregnant and couldn’t cook during the first trimester that the severe nausea was coming on, my hubby always made mouth-watering dishes and as I ate them, I told myself I would do anything for him.
Cook for your woman, pouring in love as you do and she wouldn’t get enough of you…. Some babes are not that emotional sha o! So you better pray you land one who is and can appreciate it since majority of us are!

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