Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Bollywood Tuesday - Humko Tumse Pyaar Hai : When Love hurts

On this Bollywood Tuesday, I will tell you the story of Humko Tumse Pyaar Hai; a romantic movie starring Bollywood’s Amisha Patel, Arjun Rampal and Bobby Deol.
Durga is a beautiful blind woman who lives in the village with her poor mother. She is blessed with the gift of shaping pottery and supports her poor family with proceeds made from sale of her works.
Each day, her friendly young male neighbor would wheel her and the art works on his cart to the local market which they would joyously sell and return home with the little money they made. Mother and daughter are content with their lifestyle and each other until someone else makes an entrance into their lives.

One day, as Durga’s neighbour pushes her to the market with her art works happily amidst talks and laughs, he trips on a stone. As he falls, the cart moves on heading for the cliff just in front of them. His screams could do nothing as the cart topples over. Durga is left hanging by her scarf which is caught on a tree branch. She has just seconds before the branch gives way and she screams uncontrollably for help. She knows she is in danger but she is also very unaware of how much!
She keeps shouting until she hears a voice tell her to hold unto a rope. She gropes for the rope and the kind stranger suddenly gets impatient. He asks her why she cannot grab hold of an ordinary rope but the moment she turns, he is speechless. He stares into the face of the most innocent and beautiful creature he had ever met. He also realizes at that moment that the beautiful, scared little woman is blind.
When he succeeds in pulling her up, Durga and her neighbour are full of thanks. They hurry home to tell Durga’s mother of their encounter with the Good Samaritan. She asks why they haven’t invited him home to properly thank him.
The next day, Durga goes to the temple with her neighbor (who serves as her eye) to offer thanks to god for her life. After the prayers, she comes out heading home but she hears that same voice that gave her another chance at living. She tells her neighbour to take her to him. When she is before him, she starts thanking him again. She then invites him home to meet her mother. The meeting forged a bond between the family and Rohit that was stronger than imagined.
From then, he becomes a constant visitor to their home. He tells them how he came to the village on a transfer by his company to open a new plant. He tells them everything about himself. When she asks his name, he tells her to stick with the Babu (Sir) which she called him from their first meeting. He loved the way she said it.
Each day he spends with Durga brings him closer to her such that he knows he never wants them apart. She on the other hand, falls gradually in love with him memorizing the sound of his voice and letting it sing to her in her dreams. She would run her fingers over his face each time to memorise the features of his face. She keeps wishing she could see this man who has stolen her heart.
One day, she decides to make a bust of him so that she could feel him in his absence. She enters the room where she makes her pottery and commences work. For each mold, she would run her muddy fingers over his face. She keeps at it until she has a bust that is an exact replica of him. She is happy but sad at the same time. She cannot even see what she had molded. There, Rohit promises to help her see again no matter what it would cost him.
Their romance continues until Rana, a village tout who has always wanted to marry Durga returns from Dubai. He is aggressive in his pursuit after he learns of the stranger who is now a constant visitor to her home and starts visiting Durga’s home uninvited.
He comes on a particular day and meets Durga home alone. He is sparked with anger and lust at the refusals he has gotten from her and her mother that he starts chasing her about intending to rape her. He makes jest of her because she keeps bumping into things while trying to run away from him. He eventually pins her down on the bed and mounts her but her mother returns just in time to beat the living daylights out of Rana with a huge broom.
When Rana leaves, he vows to get even for the shame meted out on him by Durga and her mother. He also promises to deal with the man that had the effrontery to love his ‘woman’.
Rohit returns from his assignment to hear the incident and is mad. While at the temple with Durga the following day, Rana’s men spot them and tell Rana. They come prepared to deal with him. The men descend on Rohit and a fight ensues. Durga’s neighbor runs home to tell her mother what is amiss. She comes running back to the scene with him.
The fight between the two at the village market pulls a crowd and before anyone knows it, Rana pulls a gun and fires. The bullet hit Durga’s mother and she slumps, dying on the spot. The fight ends that instant as Durga cries her hearts out. She has lost her only family!
Days later, Rohit proposes to Durga. Since she has no one else, he intends to be everything to her. He then takes her to his Swiss-based doctor, Dr. R.K Prasad in the city who tells them that there is hope for Durga. She could indeed see again.
A date is scheduled for the operation and Rohit plans secretly to surprise his bride-to-be by having the wedding date coincide with the day of her return from the hospital.
The day comes for the operation and Rohit takes his fiancĂ©e into the ward. He talks to her until she is wheeled into the theatre for the operation. He waits hours on end for the operation to be completed while praying in earnest for its success. The doctor had told him that since Durga wasn’t born blind, there was a 50-50 chance she may regain her sight. He had committed the huge sum of money to taking that slim chance.
Hours, later, he is given the good news. The operation was successful. He rushes in to see his love but she still has bandages over her eyes. They talk for a bit before he hurries back to the village to finalise the wedding preparations but fate had laid a huge and terrible trap for him.
He never makes it home…
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