Friday, April 8, 2011

In my preggy state

The feeling is awesome. The feeling of knowing you will soon bring a life into the world. The first few weeks were excruciating. The morning sickness was bad and before I knew it, I had lost a lot of weight.

I could not bring myself to eat anything. The mere smell of food nauseted the hell out of me. I tried to put something in my mouth everyday for the sake of the baby. My husband had to showcase his cooking skills as I could not eat anything I cooked.I prayed endlessly for the first trimester to come to an end and boy was I glad when it did.

The preceding weeks were wonderful as I discovered I could eat any and everything. I started eating like never before while being conscious not to add too much weight. Who wants to look like a pregnant pig after having a baby? I heard it is difficult to lose weight after childbirth if you gain a lot, so am trying hard to avoid gaining a lot of weight.

I had waited patiently for that time when I will start feeling the faint flutterings of the baby and also see some bump.Then one beautiful day, I felt a kind of butterfly-like movement in my tummy. It was interesting as Iwould then place my hand on my tummy all the time hoping to feel it again. The wait was not long because after a few weeks, the jolts became stronger and more consistent.

Feeling the baby move gave me some kind of assurance. Even when am alone at home, I do not feel like am alone because of the constant movements of the baby. It was like a companion to me.

As days roll into weeks and weeks into months, I wait eagerly for the moment when I will see this little creature and feel it. I just cannot wait for that miraculous moment!
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